Sunday 101226

Rest Day!

12 days 
The carnage of the 12 Days of Christmas!

Recover from all the holiday damage well cause we're going back to work on Monday!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Sunday 101226”

  1. Nicole and I are going for a run today at noon. Meeting at the gym. for anyone that wants to join. It will be an easy run, don’t think that we will go out there and kill our fastest Marathon time… we won’t be running that far! 🙂 All are welcome!

  2. “The most valuable thing I knew… was that when you start hurting you’re not even close to the bottom of the valley, and that if you don’t panic at the first agonies there’s much, much more of yourself to give.” ~Sebastian Junger on physical collapse during training and the preceding pain being like a precipice of a deep valley.

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