Sunday 101212

Rest Day!

Unless you're going to do your 23 burpees for the challenge!

The Saturday WOD group – tons of people, it was a great time! Do you usually skip the Saturday WODs? You're missing out!

It's been a banner couple of weeks at the box. First the good – lots of PRs, impressive times and RXs for the WODs, and people are already improving their snatch and clean and jerk during the O-lift days! But, unfortunatley, now the bad. We have a lot of athletes in our family, and the WODs can be crowded. We've had a record couple of weeks with no-shows and people dropping in without signing up for WODs. For example, this week we had several athletes on the waitlist because a WOD was full, and then when it was time for the WOD to start, a couple of people didn't show up. There was plenty of room for the waitlist athletes if those who couldn't make it would have gotten on the computer and simply cancelled ahead of time. Because they didn't these athletes didn't get a WOD that day. You can see why this would be frustrating for your coaches and fellow athletes.

Another related issue is cancelling right before the WOD. Though we appreciate you cancelling, during some of the busier WOD times cancelling 30 minutes before the WOD starts doesn't help the athletes on the waitlist because it doesn't give them enough heads-up to even get there on time. With that, MindBody will now not allow you to cancel a WOD less than 2 hours prior to the start. This will give waitlisters plenty of time to change their schedule if they get in. What that means for everyone is to be heads-up. If there's some doubt that you can make a WOD becuase of your schedule, please cancel your spot and give someone else the opportunity to workout.

One last thing is not signing up and just dropping in. If too many people go this route, the WOD can become overcrowded, there's the potential to run out of equipment, and the other athletes may not get the attention from the coaches they need and deserve. Please take the time to sign up for the WODs. It takes seconds to do and it helps us out a ton.

These issues are nothing new for CrossFit boxes and this is not an personal assault on you or your character! In fact, it is such a problem throughout the CrossFit community that we can share many stories of ways that CF gyms combat this, with everything from burpee penalties to extra charges and fees. We don't want to go there at Evolve. We are lucky to have such great athletes, we know that if you guys make an effort to help us out these issues will be less and less. So with that, please help us and your fellow athletes out. And of course if you have any suggestions on how we can work through this, share them with us!

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