Monday 101227


Back Squat

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Find a new 3-rep max!


7 rounds for time of:

5 power cleans (155#, 110#)

7 pull-ups (chest to bar)

9 burpees

Looks like all the boys and girls at Evolve were good this year – Santa brought us 3 brand new ropes to play on!

We've been missing some of you over the last couple months! The holidays are a busy time of year. Add in finals for you students, end of the year deadlines at work, kids' holiday programs, and anything else you can imagine and it can be hard to find time for you. We get it. However, it's important to make the time for yourself.

Throwing down only takes an hour a day, from start to finish. This could be the most important hour of your day. We all know the health benefits of working out by now. When things are hectic, you need to have an outlet to keep your sanity. This is the psychological benefit. Sometimes we feel guilty to take the time for ourselves when there's so many things on our to-do list. But you should think of it this way: if you give yourself that hour, you will be stronger, fitter, better able to fight off those nasty cold bugs, more pleasant to be around, in a better mood, better able to get a good night sleep, less stressed, more efficient with your day, greater energy, the list goes on and on!

So take the time for yourself. Drag yourself through the door and get back in the routine. We miss you, your friends miss you, and we bet you miss it too. We hope to see you guys soon!

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  1. I felt all guilty reading this post! I’ve definitely been away from the gym too much lately to the point where it has even felt weird showing up for a WOD. I need to stop allowing a busy schedule and mom-guilt to keep me from making the gym a priority.

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