Friday 101203


Clean and Jerk skill session

Like the snatch session on Tuesday, today we'll break down the Burgener Warm-up for the clean, learn the skill transfer for the clean and jerk, and go over footwork. What a way to end the week!

Larry diggin in! 

You spoke and the CrossFit Santa listened! If you wanted an Evolve hoodie but missed out on the order last time, now's your chance. We'll be taking orders until Friday the 9th. The hoodies will be ordered on an individual basis, we're not going to stock an inventory of them like we do with tee-shirts. They will be just like the last ones, black with red and white logo on front, white logo on back, and will cost $30. They're unisex and sized for men. Please send Jon an email with how many you would like and the size you want. Get yours now and stay warm all winter long! 

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