Thursday 101118


Handstand Push-ups

We'll work on technique, kips, and HSPUs in the bands.


5 rounds of:

3 Deadlift

Max reps of handstand push-ups

You select the weight to use for the deadlifts. Consider the posts from yesterday and the day before, select a big weight, and go for it!

Don't let a jacked up wrist stop ya.

Paleo Challenge Results

The timing of wrapping up the paleo challenge during the the build-out slowed things down a little, but we went through the numbers and did some sketchy math to determine who had the biggest changes occur during the 30 days. We looked at the waist circumference numbers, the umbilical circumference numbers, and body fat percentages to come up with the results. Before we get to the good stuff, it's safe to say that everyone made significant gains. Although it was difficult, we hope that you gained some insight on fueling for performance and maybe you learned some things that made a lasting impression on how you eat. 

So with that, here we go:

For the men there was one athlete who had a commanding lead in all categories. Congratulations to Carl M. Carl had a 4.9% decrease in waist circumference, a  7.6% decrease in umbilical circumferece, and his body fat dropped 6 points. Way to go Carl!

The top ladies numbers were very, very close. So close in fact that we have to declare a 3-way tie because the differences are so subtle.

First we have Trish! Trish had an 8% reduction of waist circumference, a 6.4% reduction of umbilical circumference, and her body fat dropped 8 points, representing a 19.5% reduction. Nice work Trish!

Next we have Katie M. Katie had a 4.9% reduction of waist circumference, an 11.2% reduction of umbilical circumference, and her body fat dropped 7 points, representing a 19% reduction. Awesome Katie!

Finally we have Jill. Jill had a 3.7% reduction of waist circumference, a 5% reduction of umbilical circumference, and her body fat dropped 6 points, representing a 24% reduction!

Way to go you guys, we're proud of you. Carl and Trish will get a free month at Evolve for their accomplishment! Since Katie and Jill are wives of coaches, we'll have to come up with something special for them! Congratulations everyone who participated, we're proud of each and every one of you

12 thoughts on “Thursday 101118”

  1. Congrats everyone for your hard work on the Paleo challenge!! I have to say that was the hardest battle I have ever had with food and my emotions. It taught me a lot about how food and emotions can be linked. It also has made me way more aware of how bad foods make me feel crummy. Amazing what 29 days can do to change you physically and mentally. Great job to everyone again!!!! It was HARD!

  2. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Paleo challenge! All of you have inspired me. I am slowly adopting the Paleo philosophy into my existing eating habits, which are influenced by the Zone Diet. It is very challenging and I have yet to experience a full 30 days of Paleo.
    Congratulations again!

  3. Congratulations everyone! I saw positive changes too, and in more ways than the numbers show. Less heartburn, better sleep, and way better recovery during the month of October all indicate to me that overdosing on easy carbs and dairy is not so kind to my system… good stuff.

  4. Wow what an awesome challenge. I was very skeptical at the meeting. As most if not all you know I am not a veggie person, however I did change. Veggies are now part of my normal eating. I want to thank everyone for the encouragement and support to try something new. And a special thanks to shar for baking all the paleo desserts. They kept me going.

  5. Do I still get a reward even though I have reverted back to some poor dietary habits that have lead me to be almost back to where I started at the beginning of the challenge? I learned a lot during that challenge, but sticking to a healthy diet for the long haul is still something I’m struggling with.
    PS – You don’t need to give me anything. 30 days of intense mental and emotional suffering was enough! 🙂

  6. Maybe because they did so well, the winners should do another challenge:) It is sad to say, but that may be the only way I get back on the wagon. Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!!
    But really, congrats to everyone! What an accomplishment and what huge numbers you all posted! So very proud of you all!!!

  7. how about a challenge in the New Year?…
    I will do a 30 day myself but would be more fun with company….
    tried to join Kelly with her plan but the holidays are crazy and hectic…

  8. I would be in for another 30 day challenge at the first of the year. What a good way to get 2011 started off right. It would be interesting also to see where everyone was at the first of the year from where they were oct 1.

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