Sunday 101128

Rest day!

Some of the best kickballers on the block!

And then there's the Varsity team!

Saturday's kickball WOD was a great way to wrap up several weeks of mainsite workouts. We hope you guys enjoyed the WODs we threw down, there were some tough ones. Monday starts our next cycle of programing with some new twists to keep everyone on their toes. Constantly varied, right? Hell yeah!More on that tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Sunday 101128”

  1. SOOOOOO FUN!!! 🙂 I’m am super sore… which feels great. Kick ball was a great active recovery today and I am looking forward to a rest day tomorrow! Have a great sunday everyone!

  2. Jakob, If you only have an hour a day maximize the hour. I am in a simlair situation, so I go all out on the S&CF portion of each day and give what I can to the endurance portion after only a short break. Not ideal, but realistic. I am a single sport runner, so the cost of this approach is only incurred on Tues. If really pressed for time I skip the Tues run and focus on maximizing the Thursday and weekend runs while still performing the S&CF workouts four days a week. It is about priorities, which is what makes CFE great, though I have to cut short my workouts at times I still get the benefits of the program while leaving much more for my paying job than I did trying to adhere to other programs.

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