Sunday 101107

Rest day!


Kelley D. pulling a 315# deadlift (PR!) during the Emerfit Games today!

What a great day! Congratulations to all the competitors today, they were an inspiration. Every athlete who participated gave it their all and there's more to come tomorrow! Thanks to all the Evolve athletes who came out and showed their support. There were a ton of you and that's just another example of how awesome our community is. I know that Jenna, Kelley, Tim, Travis, Julie and Jon all appreciated seeing so many familiar faces cheering them on. Way to represent!

There is only 1 WOD tomorrow and it starts at 10 am. Come on out if you get a chance!

6 thoughts on “Sunday 101107”

  1. Big thanks to all of you! You guys are great. 🙂
    If you would have asked me a year ago, what I thought I’d be doing now… it wouldn’t have been lifting a 315# DL… That’s for sure… This is just crazy!
    You guys helped me get to where I am today and for that I am forever greatful! You guys are family, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. Thanks for all the support. Lets represent again tomorrow, and remind them who EVOLVE is!!! 🙂

  2. So everything with the Emerfit games this weekend and kind of tracking their website made me think of a great way to buy beef.
    Typically there are a couple of ways to do it. It greatly depends on how much beef you think you and your family will consume and how quickly. Usually your local butcher divides beefs into quarters. Normally people buy beef by the quarter or half.
    You can usually go about buying beef a couple of different ways. You can go to a cattle sale barn buy the steer yourself and then have it sent to a butcher. You can go directly to a butcher and buy beef or you can talk to a rancher and buy your beef directly from them. I have a couple resources but I am limited since I do not have a freezer to store beef in. But I am happy to help anyone who is interested in doing this. Also if you look at Emerfit’s web site this is something that Chris and Jeff do frequently and would be a great resource. This is a great way to buy a lot of good quality beef for cheap. Let me know if anyone has any questions and I will be glad to offer my advise.

  3. Kelly, you are a freaking power house! Seriously! I know we’re supposed to compete with ourselves, but every time I go into the box and you’ve been there before me, I try to come close to what you’ve done b/c when I do, it means I’m close to being as strong of an athlete as you. Thanks for inspiring US! The box is better for having you in it!

  4. Congratulations Kelly! You were awesome this weekend! Watching you deadlift was inspiring. You just kept fighting until you got that weight up!
    Something to keep in mind in regards to buying beef, Ryan and I are raising a couple of grass fed steers right now. They will be ready next fall. One of them is already reserved at this point, but we still have the second one, and plan to have two more that will be ready the following spring. It’s a ways off, but we definitely want to make it available to people at Evolve that might be interested in buying shares.

  5. Hehe. Thanks Jenn. That’s awesome to know… Maybe I will kick it up a gear or two! 🙂
    Everyone that showed up this weekend made a difference to my performance. I wouldn’t have been able to do it with out you guys. You motivate me, and inspire me. It’s awesome to be apart of such a great family. I couldn’t ask for more. See you all in the box…. LATER…. this week!
    Happy recovery!

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