Saturday 101113


In teams of 3 complete the following for 30 minutes:

Run 400m

Wall balls, 20#/14#


Score will be based on total number of wall ball shots. The running is the pacer. So….Athlete 1 starts wall balls while athlete 2 runs a 400 (athlete 3 is resting). When athlete 2 comes through the door, athlete 3 goes from resting to wall balls, and athlete 1 heads out on the run. This continues for a total of 30 minutes. Clear as mud? There will be a fantastic, detailed description by your coach tomorrow!

Jim getting his overhead squat practice in!

There was a great conversation at the box today about how if junk food is around it will be eaten. We've spoken about this before, so it's not a new concept. So I told a story, and I'll tell you too, and then you can watch a video of Robb Wolf that's a pretty funny comparison.

The other day an athlete who will remain nameless (though she shows up with Jim) was kind enough to drop off some cupcakes from the bakery she works at to our fire station. I came in the next morning, and there were these glorious delecacies with all their sugary goodness. Each time I walked by them they would gently call to me. I resisted for the entire day as did my crew. In hindsight, nobody threw them out either – interesting. They just sat there on the counter all day, looking all yummy, and I swear, they would call to me each time I walked by.

As ashamed as I am to admit it, a while after dinner all of us found ourselves in the kitchen at the same time. I still don't know how it started, probably because the blood sugar spike impacted my short term memory, but everything fell apart. That box was open and it was on. There were crumbs flying, icing on faces, full mouths, joyful laughing. I don't even want to talk about the container of ice cream that came out during this madness. As quickly as it started, it ended.

So as I shared that story today, we spoke about how hard it is to avoid something when it's right in your face. That's why many of us don't have a bit of junk food in the house. Becaue it knows our name and calls it out! So with that, I share this video clip I saw on Pretty funny stuff, and sadly, so true.

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