Monday 101108


Double unders



21 – 15 – 9

Thrusters, 95#/65#


Compare to 100909!

The classiest crew around!

Congratulations to all the competitors this weekend, Evolvers and those from the other boxes! What a great time, all the athletes there were fantastic. The Evolve athletes represented well: Kelley D. took 1st, Juli 5th (always an Evolver!), Jenna 7th! Jon (yep, he's from CF Parker but we love him as if he were our own!) took 2nd, Travis 8th, and Tim 9th!

In addition to the athletes who competed, we had a HUGE crowd out there supporting not just our athletes but everyone who was competing. That's what makes you guys great, that attitude! That's what the Evolve community is all about and you showed it. We're as proud of you guys as we are of the folks who threw down. Thanks to everyone who made this a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Monday 101108”

  1. Once again…remind me to throw something at you later, Drew.
    Congrats again to all of the athletes this past weekend at the Emerfit games…some super inspiring performances by all!
    Starting a tradition of Mixtape Monday…I threw together another collection of songs that have been in heavy rotation on the ol ipod…a little different this time…threw in some older songs along with some of the new hippity hop type stuff…enjoy…the link should allow for downloads until Nov 15th.

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