Wednesday 101201


Hang Squat Clean review


21 Hang squat cleans, 135#/95#

42 Double unders

15 Hang squat cleans, 135#/95#

30 Double unders

9 Hang squat cleans, 135#/95#

18 double unders

6 hang squat cleans, 135#/95#

12 double unders

3 hang squat cleans, 135#/95#

6 double unders

Matt's a huge fan of backwards tire drags!

It's cold outside, there's only sunlight for 2 of the 5 daily WODs, and you're craving eggnog. It's getting close to Christmas! Santa's watching this website – and maybe your significant other is too! What's that perfect CrossFit gift? Maybe it's those Lululemons you've been eyeing? Perhaps a shiny new pair of Do-wins? A fancy new iPod Nano with a playlist of Garcia's tunes to motivate you during those runs? Post to comments what would make your CrossFit Christmas!

16 thoughts on “Wednesday 101201”

  1. I am behind…so, this comment is in regards to the post on MONDAY…as someone who has CrossFitted for a little while now, I am SO excited and thankful Jon and Gino (and Tyson and Drew and Ryan…don’t want to leave any of you boys out) are taking the time to REALLY teach appropriate O-Lifting BEFORE bad habits are formed (I have several…believe me)!! I encourage you all to take this time to learn from their mistakes…because, eventually, when these lifts are programmed in a WOD or it is a heavy lifting day, you will feel like (and look like) a bad ass because you know how to lift in the most efficient way possible! We ALL want to crush met-cons everyday…but this instruction will help us all crush ’em even more!! Thanks Coaches…..
    In response to THIS post, Santa, I love Lululemon….

  2. Dear Crossfit santa,
    I think a fancy new pair of oly shoes would make the few weeks of olympic lifting that much better! 🙂

  3. Santa answered my prayers already when my ipod was found in my lunchbox this pm. A new pair of shoes would be nice though and maybe some pants in the next size down???

  4. I think maybe what I really need for Christmas is a realistic set of expectations 🙂
    Thanks Gino for helping out today (as always!)

  5. Dear Santa,
    I would like to be just like my coaches (I am pretty sure it is mandatory) and have a Toyota Truck with my own set of kettlebells in the back. Please consider. Safe travels Santa.

  6. A years supply of Paleo meals delivered to the door.
    Still laughing at Ryan’s request…check craigslist if Jill won’t share!
    and…being a dork I do not know about Lululemon…can anyone fill me in?

  7. HAHA thanks for the offer Tyson, but you have already put an image in my head of Jill with one in each hand, and you with yours having a shake off contest to see who gets the remote or something…Id hate to interrupt that ritual…if indeed that’s how it happens

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