Friday 101126


10 rounds for time of:

15 deadlifts, 125#/95#

15 push-ups

Thanksgiving tire pull races!

There was a great response to Jim's post about bison. Sarah and Ryan Goodyear also have something to share with you:

After splitting a quarter beef with someone this fall Ryan and I decided to start raising cows ourselves. We currently have one cow still available that will be slaughtered next fall (fall 2011). We also plan to have two more that will be slaughtered the following spring (spring 2012).

The cows will be grass fed and grass finished.  They will get corn two times in their life to get them to eat garlic as a dewormer instead of pouring chemicals all over their hides.  It's like getting the medicine down with a spoonful of sugar.  They live a life of luxury out on 80 acres north of Fort Collins.  They hang out in a pasture most of the time and have constant access to shelter.  They are friends with many horses, a donkey, some chickens and some ducks.  We will be supplementing their food with hay since it is hard to graze in Colorado winters.  Their hay is the same quality the horses are eating since they are living in close quarters.  We plan to slaughter them next fall. They are slaughtered on site, so no stress from transport or other horrible-ness that many animals experience. This not only means that the animals are treated well, but there is also no adrenaline in your meat.

The cost will be dependent on what the cows weigh at slaughter.  We are charging $3.50/lb based on hanging weight, and there is roughly another $1.00/lb for processing.  So total should be $4.50/lb hanging weight.  You will be able to talk to the processors and specify the cuts of meat you want, how thick, how many per package, etc.  They do this based on halves, so you'll have to somewhat agree with the other person if you are getting a quarter.   

 We would like to collect deposits from people that are definitely in.  This will help us pay for up front costs, such as hay, and will allow you to spread out the costs a little.  I know when we bought our meat this fall it was hard to fork over all that money at once.  We are thinking $100 deposit for a quarter and $150 for a half.  Just to give a general idea, our quarter beef (which we split with another family) was 185 lbs, and cost a total of $792.50 including processing.

If anyone is interested in buying a share, or if I can answer any questions, please email me at

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  1. Also for anyone interested, Russell from Crossfit Battle Ready is hosting a free workout! He has supported our athletes at competitions, and also came and threw down a WOD at our gym, so I will be out there tomorrow morning from 10-12 if anyone else wants to join!!!

  2. It part of the process in lenrniag/making changes to your technique. You will see the places where it needs work as you are developing the new neuropathways for the movement changes you have made. It will come back around as you are working within that time domain. It may be a time domain that needs some work. You don’t want to be doing more sets. You want to focus on the technique first, then add speed. So yes, keep working with the drills. You are developing a skill which can take time. Have you been video taped?

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