Saturday 101023

Amazing Grace: Barbells for Boobs!


30 clean and jerk, 135#/95#

Working on mobility is good for you!

What to Expect for Today:

Today we throw down Grace to support Mammograms in Action! We had over 20 athletes sign up – way to represent you guys!

So today show up at the normal Saturday WOD time of 10 am and don't worry about signing up in MindBody since you signed up on the list on the board. We'll all warm-up together and then we'll go through Grace in waves. We know some of you have things going on in the morning so let us know if you need to get through it and get out and we'll make it so. For everyone else, stick around and cheer on your fellow athletes!

As for Grace, this WOD generated a lot of discussion when we last threw it down. There is a lot of info out there debating if the movement is a full squat clean and push jerk, or if it's a ground to overhead any way (power clean/muscle clean to a press/push press/jerk). We won't get into it here. What we've discussed is that we will do Grace both ways (and Isabelle too for that matter) and we'll let you know which way it will be for that specific WOD. That way when you record your times, you'll have one for squat cleans and one for getting it up however. Each method of completing the WOD will illicit a different response and will focus on different things. That way we'll get the best of both worlds from Grace! So with that, today will be ground to overhead any way. We'll be looking for some FAST times!

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  1. Who would ever start that discussion on how to do Grace? Speaking of. See that video of Everett when he did it at springs open. They were taking about PR’s of sub 1 minute. WTF.

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