Monday 101101


kipping/kipping pull-ups


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 thrusters, 95#/65#

7 hang power cleans, 95#/65#

10 sumo deadlift high-pulls, 95#/65#

Post your feelings on our return to some main site programming this month!

November 1st, 2010 – today we break in the new space!

Today's a bigday! Thanks to everyone who helped get the space ready over the weekend. Someway, somehow, we were able to have a WOD in the front on Saturday and within 30 hours the floor was laid and all the equipment was moved to the back. We couldn't have pulled this off – not only the new space but Evolve as a whole – without all of you, our athletes, and the additional support of our friends and family. This is a new chapter and we're excited for what's to come!

Things lined up perfectly for November. Not only will we start the month in a new space but we'll be doing a few weeks of programming from the main site ( as we get settled in. All of you were challenged in different ways the last time we hit main site programming, be ready for some more great WODs that push you to new places!

8 thoughts on “Monday 101101”

  1. I am ready for “no cheat november” and some kick butt WOD’s from the main site, in the NEW SPACE! This is gonna be awesome. 🙂
    *insert little dance here.

  2. Todd B 14:50 RxHayden 16:28 (25)Chris P 12:10 (red)Rosa 12:48 (injury: sub box jumps, floor K2E, lunges no wegiht)Lauren 18:20 (green)Jessica 17:56 (red/rom/15)Kevin 14:02 RxChristal 18:03 (red/15)Damiana 19:16Peg 16:58 (blue/15)Alexa 16:57 RxTom 15:32 RxJim 12:50 Rx+Ron 18:41 (35)Steve 17:39 (blue/rom/25)Veronica 16:06 (red)Jeff T 14:55 RxMerci 18:20 (blue)Matt D 12:56 RxScott W 10:29 RxPaul 18:08 (green/sub pu & situps/25)Desiree 15:40 (red)Jose 14:48 (red)Kevin O 16:27 (rom)Vanessa 17:20 (blk/rom/15)Bren 18:28 RxMichelle 16:08 RxBrian G 8:34 RxVanessa G 16:18 (rom)Sarah 14:30 (green+red/rom/15)Andrew 14:36 (35)

  3. For the marathon, the real focus will be on iscinotos (ex, managing hydration/electrolyte balance) as the intensity is high enough that solid foods may be tough to stomach. You’ll have to play around w/ that. Glucose/carbohydrate will be the primary focus. BUT, needs can vary for the athlete. You have to find out what works best for YOU! Experiment!Stronger Faster Healthier has been doing some interesting research on nutrition/fueling be sure to take a look at their site and specifically their endurance protein.And for the longer events, like ultras 24 hour races, the shift will be to fat and protein as intensity is low enough (relative to shorter distances) that you can handle processing more solid foods. Again, though you need to have a plan and experiment.Plan your nutrition then work your plan in training.

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