Monday 101018


Push Press

5 – 5 - 5 – 5 – 5



5 rounds of:

20 pull-ups

30 push-ups

40 sit-ups

50 squats

Rest 3 minute between rounds.

Jim neck 
Sometimes you get The Bear, and sometimes The Bear gets you!

What a week we had! On Wednesday it seemed like everyone who came through the door got a PR on their front squat. Then on Thursday the double-unders brought some of you to a very dark place. What a difference when you look at those 2 days. So I'll ask you, what's going to stick with you? Was it the feeling you got when you wrote that number on the PR board? Or was it the frustration of doing so many squats that you had only a few seconds left to get some double-unders done before it was time to squat again? Maybe it was both. But that's what this is all about. Every day won't be a PR day and every WOD won't be in your wheelhouse. Some days that board will have a list of movements on it that you're sure were grouped into a WOD specifically to torture you and only you. But that's good. We want to take your weaknesses and make them your strengths. Everybody has their weeknesses. Sometimes there are a large number of athletes who have the same weakness. The only way to make them strengths is to practice. Then you start to get better at it. And sometimes the best way to practice it is to do it as part of a WOD, as sucky as that may be.

Have you ever known someone who only will do what they're good at? They may even be great at it. Could be running. Or riding a bike. Or bench pressing. And that's what they do, all the time, and they're awesome at it. It's good for the ego. There's minimal challenge there, it's a sure thing that they'll crush it. Problem is, what happens when life makes them do something else? And what if they're bad at it? That's bad for the ego. Sometimes they become unpleasant because they're having difficulty. If someone is only working on things they're good at, when it comes time to do something they know they're not good at, since they haven't gone there before they're not sure how they'll do.

You guys know how you'll do, because you go there all the time. We make you work on things you're not good at. You come in the door when "___________" is on the board, and your feel a little sick, maybe a bit shaky, but you come in and you do it. It may suck, it will definitely be hard, and you'll be challenged. But you'll finish because you always do. And then when life makes you do something hard, you know you'll get through it because you've been there before.

8 thoughts on “Monday 101018”

  1. Speaking of dark places, I pretty much snapped tonight as far as my diet goes. It’s day 17, and I’ve never stuck with a diet this long, but I lost it. I had 3 pieces of pizza, a Diet Dr. Pepper, M&M’s, chocolate chip pumpkin bread, a frozen coconut dessert, and snicker doodle ice cream (all within a matter of an hour). The sad thing is, my stomach doesn’t really even hurt.
    In the past, I would fall off the wagon and stay off because I was mad at myself and would tell myself it’s not even worth trying because I always fail. Even though I technically did fail this challenge as far as not making it 30 days, I plan on getting back on the wagon in the morning to finish strong. I’m mad at myself, but I don’t want to throw in the towel because I messed up.

  2. Good for you for admitting it, Jill. I lost my battle last friday, only on day 8:( I was sick and Jon was working and I did not want to cook, so I bought a pizza for the kids and ate some with them before passing out on the couch with them and a movie. At least you are still motivated to get back on tomorrow. I would have loved to have eaten with you tonight though. I have been craving things I don’t even normally eat. Good luck tomorrow! 13 days to go!

  3. Jill! Shame, shame:) Just kidding! That sounds awesome, please describe it with a little more detail for me- I could live through you, just imagining the tastes!
    I made cookies and cupcakes today! Paleo of course! I could save one for you if you need a sweet treat:) That is if Gene doesn’t eat them all:)
    Definitely having trouble w/ the cravings. We went for Mexican last night, and I had the worst time picking something that I could have. So badly wanted to just have an enchilada or burrito, went for a really lame salad but hey!
    Jon, that dark place was definitely mine on Thursday! That dang double under WOD, the worst for me mentally by far. What’s more upsetting is why that WOD and not G.I. Jane or Murph, something seriously crazy? It’s just double unders, why does it have to be so hard. Next time though I’m all over it. It won’t beat me again!!! Just promise it won’t raise it’s ugly head too soon or EVER!!!:)
    Are we weighing in and getting measured on the 30th or do we have to complete the full day of the 30th and weigh in on the 31st?

  4. OMG it’s the pizza. Run from the pizza!
    Say “F” it and drive on. A slip feels bad but hasn’t ended the world for any of us sinners :-). Back on the wagon, back in the box, keep going!
    This diet is helping me, no question. I haven’t done perfectly on it but I’m seeing results with better WODs, more definition and no more stupid antacids. Pretty interesting to me because I’d have told you i was in the top 10% nutritionally.

  5. Hey, all of you are doing great. The last thing you should do is beat yourself up. Always remember that you are only one meal away from getting back on track. You can do it… ARE doing it, just keep it up. We are proud of all of you for trying it. Almost there!

  6. Jill just think you were helping out all your friends who want to do the same thing. Good for you to getting back on and sticking it out. That is why after the challenge we will have those cheat meals. Everyone, or at least a few of us need ice cream, pizza and sweets to survive. I must say Shar’s sweet treats have sure helped. thanks Shar!!

  7. Jill, you are doing an awesome job and I have been very proud of you this month. In our short ten years together I have never seen you go 17 days without sweets. I know you will finish strong. I will have a paleo dinner all ready for you so you can get back to it. One question; M&M’s and chocolate chip pumpkin bread? You were holding out on me ; )
    And Drew, thanks for burying me today and then bringing me back to life with your sweet water.

  8. I’m going to go ahead and make this a mush-fest and say that I couldn’t have made it one day without Tyson’s support. For those of you who don’t know us very well, Tyson is the domestically talented one in our family and has done an excellent job cooking paleo meals for our family even though he’s not officially doing the challenge. If the cooking was all left to me, I’d be eating deli meat and raw veggies every meal of every day, but Ty has rescued me! He’s the best!

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