Monday 101011


Kettlebell Bench

5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5


3 intervals of:

Run 3:00, rest 3:00

Go all out!


…and Charlotte!

A post by Charlotte Franklin:

How We Evolved

The Beginning

In May Joel and I really needed a change, I had gained 15+ pounds over the stressful spring semester and Joel joined me on road to an unhealthy lifestyle. Crossfit was something I had been interested in; as soon as school ended I promised myself I would look into what it had to offer.  Looking on the web I found Evolve.  At that moment I had no idea what impact Evolve and the Evolve family would have on our lives.  We met first with Jon, then with Gene for our 101 classes.  We knew the workouts would be a challenge, and they were. 

The Coaches, The Athletes

Our Coaches are awesome.  Jon and Gene have been patient and knowledgeable throughout our transformation.  Both coaches always push us through the personal battles we are going through while doing a really tough WOD.  Our fellow athletes at Evolve are also exceptional people.  They encouraged us alongside our coaches to push ourselves.  Seeing the other athletes push themselves is awe inspiring and encouraging.  We are always amazed that we are working out alongside athletes of their caliber.

The Food

We started our first real workouts in mid-May, which were scaled to our ability.  Each workout brought a new pain as well as a new victory.   We encouraged each other to make it to class.  When there, our coaches and peers encouraged us through the workouts.  A month into our journey and we could feel the changes.  It was at that time Joel and I reconsidered the food we were eating and how it was affecting our health and our workout performance.    We started being more conscientious of the things we were eating how it made us feel.  Bread was no longer in our house, then we stopped eating fast food, and finally giving up dairy.

The Payoff

Four-a-half months have passed; Joel and I have lost collectively 50lbs. He has lost 26lbs and I have lost 23.  Through all the hard workouts this is what we were working toward.  What we didn’t know was what we would learn along the way. I never knew that I was capable of running over a mile lifting weights doing push-up all in the same workout.  Joel never imagined he would even ever run again.   I never knew that I could push myself that hard, and still keep going.  By myself I don’t feel I could have. The coaches Jon and Gene and every athlete at Evolve, take you to that place you haven’t ever been before or perhaps where afraid of going.  That’s the best part, the big payoff, learning something new about yourself.

So Awesome

Joel and I find ourselves talking about Evolve daily, either to each other or to friends, and colleagues.  Evolve is such an important part of our lives now. I would say crossfit is addictive, there is nothing like it. The atmosphere, the people, everything about Evolve makes it an awesome experience.   Both Joel and I say what would life be like if we couldn’t do crossfit? We just can’t imagine, and we don’t want to.

4 thoughts on “Monday 101011”

  1. Charlotte and Joel- Congrats on the weight loss and lifestyle change! You guys are amazing people and are great to work out with. You push me as much as I hope I push you. Charlotte, you are always smiling and telling me to keep going now matter how you yourself are feeling and that is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your journey so far and I hope it continues at EVOLVE!

  2. Joel and Charlotte, Thanks so much for sharing your experience on how you evolved into Crossfit. I’m so glad that I can join you in your journey to excellence. Keep going, your doing awesome and I look forward to see what the future holds for both of you!!!! 🙂 Your both a blast to WOD with.

  3. Anyone else having random leg spasms from lunge day? This running WOD will be a nice recovery I am sure.
    Looking forward to another great week of workouts…I have also noticed in the past 2 weeks that the weight vests are becoming contagious among other athletes in the gym…I find this to be awesome…keep up the great work everyone!
    I also had the chance to visit another Crossfit affiliate this weekend…Seeing other affiliates truly reminds me of how awesome our gym is in all aspects. Remember, that as an athlete, YOU, the individual, play a large role in creating the vibe that an outsider may pick up on…so make sure you are doing everything in your power to make it a positive one.
    Last but not least, Charlotte and Joel…you guys rock. I have commented on several occasions how exciting it is to watch you guys work out. I was there the first day you came to check out the place, I was also there for your first official WOD…the amazing improvements you two have made over the short amount of time at Evolve are nothing short of inspiring, and I consider it a privilege to train under the same roof as you! Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Joel & Charlotte, what can I say but that you two are amazing people. What a journey you have been on and thank you for allowing us to tag along with you. We’ve seen you both transform your bodies and personally have motivated me to do better myself. Since the paleo challenge started, Charlotte and I have talked a lot about what works for them and how they get thru the day w/out the grains and dairy and I get a sense that I just might be able to get thru it too (& have for 11days now)!
    I remember thinking one day, many months ago about how horrible a WOD we were doing that day was going to be and how I was feeling doing it. I was running the 800meters and Charlotte ran by me, with a huge smile on her face, even in the thick of the suck, telling me “we’re gonna do it, we can do this, we’re almost there!” That smile and her words made me press on and finish it out, even though I really thought there was no way to finish this alive.
    When I finished, Charlotte was on her last run and even though I felt like collapsing I just knew I had to go give her some support, to try and get her thru those tough moments like she did for me. We ran back together w/ Joel who came back too, and she finished strong and again with a smile on her face. I don’t know how she does that!!! I am so amazed at the support that Joel and Charlotte offer to each other and love that they do the same for the rest of us at Evolve.
    You two are so wonderful, inspiring and your smiles and laughter are contagious! I am so thankful to have met you, work out with you and look forward to more transformations for all of us:)
    Are you guys working on those Turkish Get Up’s? I have complete faith that the two of you will one day do it:)
    Thanks again for your positive presence in the gym and I am proud to call you guys not only fellow Crossfit Evolve athletes, but friends!!!

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