Friday 101008


Floor Press

12 x 2


G.I. Jane

100 burpee pull-ups

David working the keep the rings TIGHT!

G.I. Jane video from CrossFit HQ : GI Jane

Yesterday's WOD was more about mental toughness than physical toughness, at least that was the sentiment once it was all over. 400 meters of lunges is long…really long! And it feels even longer because of the repetitive nature of the movement. We saw a lot of different strategies to get through it. There was some conversation, some words of encouragement, some iPods, and during the 5:30 WOD some colorful banter at the benefits of.. ahem…soaking nuts. For cooking purposes, right ladies?! (By the way I believe the gentleman who stopped by the box to inquire about joining was completely sold after overhearing that conversation by the ladies as they lunged by!).

So what do you use to get throught the tough WODs. Does your mind go blank as you just go as hard as you can? Do you think about the end and how good it will be to finish? Do you strategize? Focus on counting reps? Dream of what you'll eat October 31st when the challenge is over?

Post it to comments. Everyone is different, and with this week of PRs and as-prescribed finishes, whatever it is you do, it's working!


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  1. Apparently soaking nuts is enough to get me through a workout. Thanks Kendra, Sarah, and Jorge for enjoying the same mature dialogue that I do. Yes, Jorge, I threw you under the bus for talking about nuts with the ladies.

  2. I always think of my labor experiences during those tough WODs……tough, almost non-stop pain to bring life into this world. I did that twice. First child for 31 hours and second child for 22 hours. 400 meters of lunges is a piece of cake comparably…….not to say that it was easy though, but I dig the endurance WODs!

  3. Great video Ryan! As far as stairs go, I have been fortunate enough not to encounter any just yet… but getting up from my chair after dinner was mildly amusing. Getting through the WODs for me is all about putting my mind somewhere very far from the lunges… I mean pain. I try not to think about how much further I have to go. Also, I have found that being stubborn can get you through a tough spot. Great job today everyone!

  4. Sad to have missed the “soaking nuts” conversation, but I was in on the “picking up chicks” one!!! Sounds like everyone had a little humor during the WOD.
    Joel and Charlotte, better get practicing those TGU’s!
    Bet everyone is glad to do G.I. Jane especially after thoses lunges huh 9am crew!!! Be careful what we wish for right?!

  5. I copied this from a book I own. Maybe some of you have heard it before, but it has helped me get through some of the WODs.
    “A few years ago a group of scientists developed an interest in bumblebees. These scientists reckoned that these little insects held some secrets of flight that may provide some answers to questions about operating in space. After all, they asked, how could such small wings produce efficient lift for a relatively large and hairy torso? And how could a round body and flight position that violated many principles of aerodynamics move so efficiently through the air?
    After weeks of study, hypothesizing, scrutinizing and examining the scientists came to one conclusion: Bumblebees are not capable of flight. Fortunately no one told the bumblebee. The silly insects go right on believing that flight is normal for them despite what the best minds in the scientific world know as fact.
    We can learn a lot from the bumblebee. The single most critical piece of this sporting puzzle is believing in yourself and your capacity to succeed. “if you think you can or you think you can’t,” automobile manufacturer Henry Ford said, “you’re probably right.” The bumblebee thinks it can fly. Actually, the thought of anything else never even crosses its tiny mind. It just keeps flying.
    Then there’s the race horse. The philosophy of equine athletes is similar to that of human athletes, and they are trained in much the same manner as a runner. They use heart rate monitors, train with intervals and endurance, follow a periodization plan and eat a diet designed to enhance performance. Psychologically, racehorses differ a great deal from the human athlete. They never question their training preparation. When it comes time for a workout designed by their trainer, they do it without wondering if its enough. They don’t go out in the morning and put in a few extra junk miles for “insurance”. They don’t worry and fret after a poor performance. Stable life goes on as usual.
    On race day, racehorses are nervous just as human athletes are; they know what is about to happen, but they don’t magnify the tension by comparing themselves with the other horse (“look at the legs on that stud!”). Instead they are very purposeful in their approach to training and racing. There is but one reason for every day existence – to get faster. If the horse is physically strong and the trainer is smart, this happens.
    If you are to succeed in the sport you have chosen, the first thing you must do is believe in yourself just as the bumblebee does. Without this, all of the science in the world won’t do any good. You must also have a purposeful, racehorse trust in your training. Continuously second guessing and changing training direction after every race are a sure way to fail. Think like a bumblebee, train like a horse.”
    -Article taken from Triathlete’s Training Bible by Joe Friel

  6. A big “shout out” to my “soaking nuts” team of Jill, Sarah, and Jorge…I have never had a problem talking..EVER!
    With that said, when I am in the hell of a WOD, I DO NOT talk….I just talk mad smack and complain before it starts…although I DO enjoy the pain, 100%!

  7. I get through it by knowing that it is small stuff compared to other things life has thrown my way…the wod’s create strength for life…life creates strength for wods…for today…Shar was once again a great cheerleader and I thank her for her time and encouragement…as well as everyone at CrossFit Evolve…what a very special community!

  8. ALSO, you should check out the CrossFit Verve post from yesterday titled, “Why CrossFit Ruined My Life”… is AWESOME!!!

  9. for me – knowing that i am not only in a wod helps, it is suckfest and all of us make sure that we all get through it one way or another. whether it be the coaches running with you, the team cheering you to teh finish line or just telling yourself you can do it. the wod gets finished. as to soaking nuts, i will be making that dip this weekend. cannot wait. and for G I JANE today, another suckfest that will be challenging but we will all make it. good luck to all evolvers today.

  10. Friday’s “GI Jane” WOD may be daunting task for many of us…. it certainly was for me! I broke it in to thirds… 33, 67, 100 which seemed to work well for me (and made counting reps easier). Enjoy, its a good one… especially when its done!!!

  11. I try not to think about it too much. I just know that I will get through it somehow and I try not to get freaked out by how hard the WOD sounds. I set little goals throughout the WOD, like sets of 10 or whatever. 10 burpee pull ups at a time, and eventually I’ll get to 100.
    Great post about the bees!
    I think I need to come to some afternoon WODs so I can talk about soaking nuts with the ladies 🙂 During Christmas my friend and I always make toffee. We get to toast nuts, crisp nuts, grind nuts, there are sliced nuts, and even slivered nuts! It’s a good time.

  12. Thanks a lot for posting that, Ryan. Now I want a Slap Chop. I really did love his nuts; the way he chopped them was perfect.

  13. I actually have a slap chop…it really is pretty awesome…my life, and my salads, are no longer boring…you can get one to call your own at walgreens….unless I just fell victim to your sarcasm…then I might just shake my fist at you…

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