Wednesday 100915


Squat Clean

5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1- 1


5 rounds for time of:

200m run

20 push press, 75#/45#

15 toes to bar.


Kelley D. on the GHD!

Lost of good questions about the Paleo Challenge today! We are fine tuning the details. In the meantime we'll provide you information to get your head in the right place! Here's a great primer on paleo. We've posted it before but it's worthy of another look!



4 thoughts on “Wednesday 100915”

  1. So, because 2,000,000 years ago man didn’t eat grain or dairy products, we aren’t built for them. Does that same principle apply to all of the medical advances as well? Cavemen didn’t take vitamins, supplements, flu shots, antibiotics, Advil, or any other modern medicine, so our bodies aren’t built for that either and we shouldn’t utilize modern medicine? I am just wondering if people have been evolving for 2,000,000 years, doesn’t that mean we are evolving to improve our species and adapt to our surroundings? My only point besides being a smart a$$ is that I think the people who invented chocolate, Twizzlers, and Gobstoppers are geniuses, and we shouldn’t knock their inventions just because the caveman didn’t have the smarts or tools to create them. He would’ve if he could’ve.
    I’m only kidding, Gene and Jon. I would never eat anything outside of the Paleo diet. In all seriousness, I do think the Paleo diet makes sense and would be good for me, but I have serious issues with will-power and self-control. It’s a difficult switch to see food as fuel instead of pure enjoyment and/or comfort!

  2. I did a paleo challenge last year and have followed a “loose” version of it since then. I’m sure you already have these resource but just in case I thought I would give them anyway: Robb Wolf is an awesome resource on all things Paleo, also the Whole9 (formerly Urban Gets Deisel) has a great blog. Good luck with the paleo, best thing you’ll ever do!

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