Thursday 100930


Kipping pull-ups

Who's going to get their first today?!



21 – 15 – 9

Deadlift, 225#/145#

Handstand Push-ups


We have some news that we're excited to share with you guys. As you know, we look at you guys as our family. We take the roll of coaching you very seriously. We receive a lot of calls and emails from people who are interested in becoming coaches at Evolve. We always politely tell them that the coaches at Evolve come from within the family. They have proven themselves in the box as athletes, as being virtuous in the movements, and in character. This was something that we committed to when Evolve was just a concept, before we ever opened the doors.

With that being said, we'd like to welcome Drew as a coach! Drew was one of the athletes with us from the very beginning. There were times when Gino and I were both there coaching him and only him. Now that's special attention! Drew came to Evolve with significant CrossFit experience, a Level I cert, a CrossFit endurance cert, experience training other Marines in the movements, and a great attitude. We pegged him as a future coach from the very beginning. This summer Drew went to Phili for the summer. While there he continued to train other athletesand gained a lot of kettlebell experience from a fellow coach. When Drew came back, we asked him if he would consider coaching some WODs and he graciously accepted. We feel that Drew's knowledge of the movements and personality will add to your experience as an athlete at Evolve and we view it as another step forward for our box.

With that, please welcome Drew as one of your coaches!

16 thoughts on “Thursday 100930”

  1. That’s awesome! Drew will be a great addition to the already strong coaching staff. There are lots of exciting things happening at Evolve right now! I’m especially looking forward to getting weighed, measured, and having my fat pinched tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Jon or Gino…..
    Can I get my fat pinched and measured Friday???? Haveta coach tomorrow…which figures, because there are DEADLIFTS programmed!!!

  3. For folk who want fat pinched, I’ll be there today between WOD times to get you squared away. Kendra, I’m on duty Friday so we’ll have to meet up this weekend if that works – email me!

  4. We will be doing max snatch on Fri, tomorrow. Check out Miranda’s snatch in this video from the main site! In the slow-mo videos pay close attention to her setup, the pull from the ground, her tripple extension (with straight arms), quick drop and speed getting under the bar and the open hips in the squat catch. Any time you get to see Miranda’s snatch in slow-mo you got to take advantage of it! All kidding aside, she does have great form! Check it out!

  5. That’s a great video. If you notice at about 2:35 into it you can see Miranda rocking the hook grip. We’ve been encouraging you guys to practice with it. Tomorrow be sure to put that practice to work!

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