Monday 100927


Hang power snatch

5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5



1oo squats

5 muscle-ups

75 squats

10 muscle-ups

50 squats

15 muscle-ups

25 squats

20 muscle-ups

If you don't have muscle-ups, scaling options will be provided!


Tim sets up for TGUs!

Don't forget about the 2010 Paleo Challenge Kick-off tomorrow night at 6:30 PM! We've posted how it's going to go down. Are you in? Are you out? Are you still on the fence? Post to comments!


19 thoughts on “Monday 100927”

  1. Jim and I are both working but would love to participate. Not that I want to create a special circumstance but is there a way we can still get weighed in, measured and all that fun stuff at a different time?
    This will be a good challenge for us since we are headed back to Jersey for 10 days starting the 1st…..

  2. I thought it was on Tuesday nite…so is it on Monday nite (tomorrow) from now or is it on Tuesday nite…tomorrow from Monday :)???? either way I am in…

  3. Yes, Tuesday night! Even though we post the night before, it’s the day written at the top that counts!
    Dollie and Jim, we will get you weighed and measured before you leave. Talk to me about when we can get together.

  4. I am in! I am right there with ya Katie! The heaviest thing I lifted this weekend was the remote….or maybe it was the burrito from La Luz…I dunno…either way I have been trying to indulge before the challenge! Should be fun! Can’t wait!

  5. I’m still on the fence… Since starting blocking zone, I could block paleo… but now I am sick… Home sick from work, and can’t attend the meeting and have so much actual homework to do that i can’t do paleo homework, I don’t know what to do. OH LIFE!

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