Thursday 100812


Turkish Get-ups

5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 (sets are 5 each hand)



21 – 15 – 9

Squat Clean, 135#/95#

Ring dips


Jorge swinging away!

Here's a post by Meg!!!


I have known Dustin more than half my life and I never thought Dustin would run a marathon much less 200 miles. It is amazing the adventures that Dustin has taken me on. Each one of his adventures has affected me profoundly and when I look back at our life together I will always remember our wedding, the births of Reid and Ella, and Dustin running these crazy races! I cannot explain how these races impact my life. It is something you just have to experience. For those of you who have helped Dustin with one of these races know what I am talking about. It is something you cannot put into words. It is an adventure that I will always hold close to my heart. I will also hold all of the people that have supported Dustin close to my heart! Dustin is an inspiration for me to be a better person and he inspires Reid and Ella to think big dreams and try the impossible.

When Dustin said he was going to run 50 miles I was surprised. Especially for a guy who had never run! I knew he could do it. He has such determination! Dustin running 50 miles was amazing! He had such joy on his face when he was done. I knew he was hooked and would want to try something harder. I secretly wondered the next day when he could not walk if that was his last race. I was wrong! He soon told me he wanted to run the Leadville 100. I again was surprised but I knew he could do it. Going into that race you have know idea what to expect, I had never witnessed anything like that. Dustin did an amazing job. I learned that Dustin could do anything he put his mind to and he was an amazing athlete. I also learned how amazing Dustin's friends are! They motivate Dustin and kept him safe, while encouraging him to laugh! I still remember Kristi Housley telling me how she had to hold onto Dustin so he did not fall into the lake because he was so tired and out of it mentally. But, he made it to the finish line! Of course after that race I was waiting for Dustin to tell me his next great idea! I again thought that the pain and how sick he was would not have him continue to do 100 mile runs. I was again wrong! Dustin told me he was going to run the Wild West Relay solo. I thought he was crazy, but I held my tongue I knew he would run 200 miles. I knew it would be our biggest adventure yet and and it would inspire me and change my life!

Dustin decided to run the first 35 miles without support. Here is a guy running 200 miles thinking of me and wanting me to sleep. Around 7:30 I got a text saying he was almost at the Greenwoods house. I was shocked because he was not scheduled to be there yet! He had taken me by surprise and I knew that would not be the last time in this race. Dustin looked amazing when I got there. He looked strong and was in great spirits. When he was running he looked so lonely out there by himself on the side of the road. I could not imagine what he was thinking about. What do you think about for that long? Only someone as determined as Dustin could do that.

As Dustin continued his race we were so blessed with the support we got. When Tyson started running with Dustin you could just see Dustin's spirits lift. You could tell they were having fun and enjoying themselves. Tyson and Jill both ran farther then they ever had! I was so impressed with the two of them . They just wanted to keep going! Thank you for all of the time you spent with us!

Around 7:00 we saw a suburban pull next to Dustin and Tyson! A car load of people jumped out ready to run. It was an amazing sight! Through the night I was able to get much needed sleep and these amazing group of guys kept Dustin going. All Dustin could think about was getting to the 100 mile mark. He was so tired and sore, but he just went on! You can never imagine how lonely the middle of night can be! Of course when you have Dustin and all of these great firefighters the night is much more fun!

When Dustin got to 100 miles we helped him get into bed in the back of the car and elevate and ice his legs. He was asleep right when he put his head down! When Dustin woke up he was refreshed and ready to go. He ate and was off! All day Friday we were so lucky to have so many people running with Dustin or standing waiting at the exchanges to cheer him on! Some of his pacers would rest, but Dustin would only stop to eat and drink! Dustin's goal was getting to Walden and having a hot meal and a shower. No wait the hot shower was me!

Ryan and Tyler did not want Dustin to run alone so they too ran further then they had ever run to help Dustin! On Friday night Gene and Jon ran with Dustin all night. Dustin only stopped for 2 hours to sleep. This sleep was not good. His feet really hurt, but he again got up and kept going. I was reading Tyson's post about wanting to put Dustin in the back of the car and take him up the rode. I too desperately wanted to do this, especially when I could tell how much pain Dustin was in and how tired he was. It was truly amazing how he kept going and worked through the pain. I knew I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was crawl up and sleep. I cannot imagine how Dustin felt. One of my favorite moments was very early Saturday morning. We go to an exchange and the volunteers were talking about the solo runner who was one his way. They were wondering why he would do it solo. I was so proud to tell then that Dustin was my husband and that he was running for two great charities. When Dustin showed up at this exchange fellow runners were cheering for Dustin! This was an amazing moment.

All day Saturday Tyson, Gene, Jon, and Scott all paced or crewed Dustin. They were an amazing group of guys that never left his side. They let me leave to sleep and I could only do it because I knew they would keep Dustin safe! They walked with him in rain, sun, darkness, up and down passes, and finally to the end. They were limping and were exhausted, but would not leave Dustin's side.

When Dustin crossed the finish line he was running! He had a huge smile on his face and looked like he could go many more miles. It was so funny when he crossed the finish line how many people jumped on their phones to tell people he was done. One of my friends said it consumed her all day on Saturday. Dustin's accomplishment effected so many people. He is a true hero to so many people.

I wish I could write in detail about the entire race! The good times and the bad. I have so many moment engraved in my mind! Thoughts of our wonderful friends and my crazy husband will be with me forever! There are so many people we have to thank! All of the supporters that Dustin had were amazing. Runners pushing themselves farther then they have ever been pushed. I would love to write about each one of you and the many of my favorite moments, but we would be here for days!

As Dustin is sitting on the couch icing his two huge ankles I wonder if he is thinking of his next new adventure. What will it be and how can I be a part of it? Dustin has and will accomplish great things in his life. I am just lucky to be along for the ride. What Dustin does is contagious. These races are such profound experiences that I will hold in my heart forever. Reid, Ella, and I have and will continue to learn great things from Dustin!


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  1. Great post, Megan! I love hearing your perspective because it had to have been so hard to watch Dustin go through so much pain and difficulty throughout the race, and there was nothing you could do but support him and do your best to keep him as safe as possible. I know you spoke a lot about how Dustin inspires you and others, but you are also an inspiration of support and steadfast love in times of trial. Many spouses (myself included) would have wanted to discourage a dream like Dustin’s out of fear, but you were brave enough to support him and encourage him to pursue his dream even though I’m sure you were afraid as well. That says a lot about you as a person and as a wife. That was not an easy few days for you, but you were so strong for Dustin. I’m in awe of both of you, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  2. Wow! Megan you too are an inspiration. It’s great to see the support you offer Dustin and although you didn’t RUN 200 miles you drove probably double that, back and forth to peoples cars, to exchange points and didn’t get much rest yourself. I was a wreck the night we arrived in Steamboat after dropping Gene off. Not knowing where they were, knowing there wasn’t cell phone reception and they were in complete darkness. My mind raced all night of what could happen, thinking of where they were and if they were feeling okay. I can only imagine 3 days of that. You too are a strong person, not only a supportive wife but amazing friend.
    I’ve looked forward all week to reading these posts and relive the last weekend. My eyes still tear up thinking about the unthinkable thing he accomplished and am so blessed to have been able to be a witness to his amazing finish.
    Dustin, so many wonderful things people have said about you and yet I still feel like there are no words to describe your perseverance, persistence, your giving heart, amazing attitude and yet how completely insane you are:) You have made me want to be a better person and a better athlete.
    Hope you both are getting some much deserved rest!!! Can’t wait to see you both at the box again soon.

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with everyone Meg. I was looking forward to your post all week, and I can’t wait for D’s on Friday. I agree with Jill you were very strong and brave to allow D to follow his dream. All the best things I have done in my own life have been at the encouragement and with the support of Shar and I am very grateful for that. I know that Dustin is very blessed to have you by his side as well. When two people truly love one another it is a very powerful thing to observe in a time of trial and stress. I learned a bunch from you guys from that experience and I thank you for it.
    Thanks to all the moms and grandmas who helped watch the kids and did home support for Dustin! You guys had the hardest job after hearing how the kids were acting that day! We thank you for not killing any of them!

  4. Great post Meg!
    Those are some really good points that we should not discourage dreams. I wouldn’t want mine discouraged, so why do I have the right to discourage someone else’s!!!!

  5. Megan,
    You are such an amazing wife,friend,and companion! I do not know many people who could support someone so unselfishly and unconditionally as you do. You are an inspiration to others just as Dustin is ~ obviously you two are wonderful together, and a wonderful example to others about perserverence and unconditional love! Thank you for being in our lives!

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