Sunday 100822

Rest Day!


Garcia jumping over the fire at the end of the Warrior Dash! I mean, damn, how cool is that!!!

It's official – the afternoon WODs will shift to 4:30 and 5:30 starting on Monday. The response was overwhelmingly for the switch. Please let us know if this causes you any problems. See you Monday!!!

6 thoughts on “Sunday 100822”

  1. Ok, this is too funny. I checked out this blog page on my iphone and saw Ryan Garcia’s photo there first – *VERY* small. I told my wife, who was at the Warrior Dash (38th in her age group, 150th women’s overall!) “Funny photo, they said it’s Ryan but it looks like some Aborigine photo that they pasted in there for fun!” I showed her the real photo after I was able to see it full size and she wrote back “Haaaa! He looks AWESOME”.
    Nice work everyone who ran – I want to do this next year!

  2. Haha the funny thing is you aren’t the first to point out the Aborigine similarity…and I know I am small in real life…but you don’t have to emphasize me being “VERY SMALL” on your iphone….c’mon now…I know that thing has a zoom feature on it!! Haha!

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