Monday 100816


Kipping pull-ups

More work on the kip!


Back Squat

5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1

Today is the day to post your 1-rep max!


Jim pressing it out.

This is the final week of this strength session and you'll be going for your 1 rep max. This is where we see how far you've come in the last 6 weeks. You all have been working hard and this week you'll find out how all that hard work pays off! On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the skill sessions will be short so that you have ample time to work up to that big number. Remember to get nice and warm, and to work your way up to your 1RM – your coaches will be there to help you select the appropriate weights on your early sets. Whenever you go for a PR, it always helps to have some positive encouragement. With that said, watch your fellow athletes on their attempts. Turn up the music, and turn up the cheers. In our non-scientific studies, a bunch of friends screaming for you on will add to your 1RM. Come in this week knowing what you have to do, knowing that you put in the time to reach your goal, and knowing that you'll be successful!

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  1. I saw lots of high PR’s today! I love it. I am sure that trend continued through the rest of the day. Great job everyone!

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