Monday 100809


Back Squat:

3 – 3 – 3


5 rounds of:

:30 of toes to bar (if you can do toes to elbows, do it!)

:30 of good mornings, 75#/45#

:30 of v-sit ups

:30 of supermans

Score is the total number of reps completed for each exercise.


Mikey Sax!

This week we'll have a series of posts from several different people about what went down this weekend in Steamboat. It will provide a variety of perspective's on Dustin's 200 mile run. Some will talk about inspiration, some will talk about the the human spirit, and all will talk about, either directly or indirectly, how powerful the will of a person can be. Our hope is that everyone who reads these posts will have a certain level of self-realization that just as Dustin proved to us all, we are capable of anything.

On the same note, a lot of photos were taken over the weekend. If you could get them to us in some way, we'll post an album on the website of the whole event!

Enjoy the first post:


Dustin with Gino.


Dustin just ran 200 miles! Dustin ran from Fort Collins to Steamboat! It is still hard for me to comprehend what he just did even though I watched him do it. He left Fort Collins at 1am Thursday morning and arrived at the finish Saturday night at around 8:40 pm. He did this only sleeping about 5 1/2 hours and doing so unselfishly to raise money for RAMstrong and GRIT Athletics.  This whole week is our tribute week to Dustin. You will see posts from all the Evolve coaches, Dustin's wife Megan Hampton, and finally from Dustin himself about his experience. So, here's to you Dustin you crazy SOB!

I had no clue what to expect, but what I witnessed was truly amazing. Never have I seen such courage and resolve in a person before. The closest comparison that I can think of is a mother giving birth to a child. A mother's strength derives from her love for her child and her ingrained instinct to carry on life. Dustin's came from his unselfish desire to raise money and get exposure for two great local charities. 

When I met up with Dustin at 9:30 pm on Friday night just outside of Walden at exchange 25, he was still running and had his typical great and positive attitude. This was right about mile 138 and Dustin had been battling a bad ankle since mile 70. The ankle was swollen and looked like an ankle on an elephant. At this point he had only slept about 3 hours since he had started. Jon arrived around 11 pm and we continued to pace Dustin until 12:30am. Saturday morning. At this time he ate and took a 2 hour nap with ice packs on his ankles and shaking while he rested as his body was losing it ability to regulate temperature. I can't imagine running 147 miles, sleeping for 2 hours and then getting up again to polish off the remaining 52 miles, but Dustin did as he limped around, got dressed and geared up for the next leg doing so without complaint and a smile on his face. 

That was a long night getting through North Park. Dustin was still running at times, but his ankle was so painful that he mostly walked. In the night we were passed by our first runner and it was the beginning of herd of runners to come. The gentleman stopped and confirmed that Dustin was the solo runner that he had heard about. The runner shook Dustin's hand and bowed down to him out of respect before he took off into the night. As the sun rose in the am, Dustin gained a new strength and focus. I waited at exchange 29 as I watched Jon bring Dustin in as he battled a long hill up to the exchange. My eyes welled up as I watched with Tyson, Sharla, Megan, and Dustin's friend Scott as Dustin limped with every step and the whole crowed at the exchange cheered and encouraged Dustin on. This would not be the last time I got emotional watching Dustin fight.

I took off with Dustin from that point and now Dustin was the course celebrity. As runners passed they all stopped to shake his hand or show their respect with words of tribute and amazement. At one point I told Dustin that he was a hero. He told me that he didn't want to be that, and if he had his choice he would just keep this whole thing between his family and friends. I told him he didn't have a choice. When you do something this great, that greatness will affect and inspire others, and that was evident the entire race. 

That whole day Dustin was strong, and he need it with Rabbit Ears Pass on the horizon. The pass was a battle for Dustin, but he knew that once he got up there it would all be down hill after that. On the top of the pass, Windy and Kelley met up with us and followed Dustin all the way to the finish. Dustin took a quick 20 min rest at the top after a blister popping session and a change of clothes. I ran with Dustin on the next leg and I mentioned to him all he had were 5 legs left. I told him that if he could push through the first three it would bring him to the flat part going into Steamboat and we could take another 20 min rest and push through the last two. He looked at me and confidently stated that he would not be stopping and that he was going to push through and finish. I was not going to argue with him and I could tell he was ready to finish this thing.

The first runner who did the first solo 200 met up with us on the decent from the pass and asked if he could run with Dustin a little. Tyson told him he could and he said that he would be waiting for Dustin at the finish line. He also said that when he first met Dustin to give him some advise he knew right away that he could do it. I guess you can't hide strength!

 Dustin was very tired and his other ankle was swollen as well. Dustin's face and hands were swollen and he looked like a climber who just reached the summit of Mt. Everest. His skin was red and tight and often he would close his eyes and fall asleep, while running, from pure exhaustion. As we began to run through town he was energized. In his last last leg we had Jon, Tyson, Robert, Sharla, Jill, Scott, Kelley, Windy, Scott and his wife Krista, and all the kids with Dustin to the finish line. Dustin ran the last 300 meters to the finish line with a crowd of people behind him. I wasn't sure what to expect at the finish line, but there was about 15 people there clanging a cow bell and holding a banner for Dustin to run through. The race director was there along with the first solo runner to complete the 200 mile race the previous year along with other race finishers who had wanted to come back and see Dustin finish. It was awesome! I knew Dustin was tired but he stayed up and talked to everyone, posed for pictures and thanked them until Megan made me get him to the car where there was a makeshift bed waiting for him in the back seat. Megan was a pillar of strength the whole race and a huge support not only for Dustin but for all the pacers as well. It was inspirational to watch the bond of love and support between Megan and Dustin through the race. 

None of my words can do justice to what Dustin has done. Dustin is officially the second athlete to complete the Wild West Relay solo. I feel so fortunate to have him as a friend and can only hope to someday have a fraction of the level of character and strength he possesses. Seeing Dustin battle through this race inspired and impacted my life. I hope it has or will do the same for you as you read these posts. Never underestimate yourself and I think we can all learn something from Dustin's efforts. When we see a great athlete we often say that athlete is a "machine"! In a quote from Terminator Salvation, John Connor said, "Humans have a strength that cannot be measured". Dustin is better than a machine, he is human and he has mastered the ability to harness that immeasurable human strength as an athlete, father, firefighter, and friend. I am so proud of you Dustin and your performance will impact me the rest of my life.

Gene Maccarini


13 thoughts on “Monday 100809”

  1. Dustin is truly an inspiration, and I hope to have half the will power. Every time I think I can’t give anymore, not only in a WOD, but in everything else, I hope I can push myself that extra step. Can’t wait to see Dustin again and congratulate him in person!

  2. Shelly Neibauer - CrossFit Thin Air, Winter Park

    Dustin, what an inspiration you are. I was on a realy team and saw you on Saturday as you were making your way through North Park. The task you just completed truly humbles me and also makes me so proud to be able to tell the rest of my team and everyone in my box that you are a crossfitter!! There is no WOD out there that can compare to what you just completed! Congratulations!!

  3. Great post, Gene. I’m sure you found it difficult to express in words the enormity of what you witnessed and were a part of, but you did a great job.
    Dustin, once again, I am thoroughly impressed and forever changed from watching you fight through that race. I’m hoping a little bit of your courage, selflessness, and toughness rubbed off on me!

  4. Amazing to have witnessed a team of 12, more for a team of 6, then I thought a team of 3 CRAZY! But a CrossFitter taking on the beast SOLO! AWESOME!!!!!!! Congrats and take care of that body! Very inspirational!
    CrossFit 5280
    Castle Rock

  5. Awesome to hhear from other affiliates who were up there, keep it going and spread the word of what Dustin has done!
    Thanks to all of you who supported Dustin. I told him several times along the run of reports of the hundreds of people who were back home supporting him. He would always pick up the pace and start running after that!

  6. I kept my facebook updated and had people texting me the whole time I was up there, asking how Dustin was doing, how many more miles, and a “WHOO HOO” when they heard the finish!!!! there were people in TN cheering for you Dustin!!! You just did the unthinkable… something that every Crossfitter strives to do!!! Youve touched my life forever. Thanks buddy! (with tear filled eyes) 🙂

  7. Dustin YOU ROCK! Words can’t express how inspiring you are. I cheered you on from home with the kids and wish we could have been there, but it sounds like you had some amzing people by your side crew until the end. Get some rest and will see you in the gym soon. Great job to Meg too!

  8. This took me forever to read, i kept having to wipe my tears, you are an amazing writer Gene, but i’m sure it was easy to write about such an amazing person.
    Great job Dustin, you are quite an amazing guy 🙂

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