Monday 100802


First, a quick session on how to safely spot the back squat…then:

Back Squat

3 – 3 - 3 – 3 – 3


10 x 200m sprint

Rest 1 minute between sprints.


Neil on his way to winning Sunday's Human Race 5K! (photo from the Fort Collins Kolorodoan)

To keep the theme of the weekend going for Evolve athletes, Neil WON the Human Race 5K in Fort Collins on Sunday. Neil ran the 5K in 16:16, which is a 5:15 mile pace. Unreal! Way to go Neil!

Let's tall about spotting for the back squat. We had a variety of spotting techniques over the last few weeks, as well as a couple of people dump during the back squat. We'll spend a little time today discussing how to safely spot for a back squat as well as how to safely dump from the back squat so everyone is on the same page. 

Below are 2 videos from CrossFit One World ( on spotting:

How not to spot the back squat:

And now the better way:

Here's what Freddy had to say about the "Not to" video:

That was me spotting Erick while he tried a 275# squat. I was lucky that I only came away from it with a few bruises and scratches. A couple things happened here that were entirely my fault:

No communication. Erick didn't know I was standing behind him ready to help him out.

Never assume. I saw Erick's previous attempt, so I did not think he would miss this attempt. I was not set-up properly to effectively spot him. If I had set-up properly, he would have known I was behind him. My assumption that he would easily get the lift could have caused Erick to be injured and definitely caused me some unnecessary pain.

16 thoughts on “Monday 100802”

  1. WAY TO GO NEIL!!! This was a great weekend for CF-Evolve!!!
    If anyone knows of anyone that has signed up for the CO Open and doesn’t want to do it anymore, let me know and I can pay them for their place. They have closed the registration prior to me signing up! SAD DAY!!! I’ve emailed them to see if there is a waiting list or if they had any ideas, but I really want to participate in the Open. Let me know if you all hear any thing! Thanks.

  2. We were considering getting a cheetah to improve peoples run times. That video seals the deal. Neil, do you know where we can pick one up?

  3. Thanks guys. It wasn’t hard to get the motivation to run after watching you guys throw down on Saturday. Great job at the competition guys.

  4. thanks!! i would LOVE to come you have no idea!! its just so hectic.. and with the dog!! as it is i get back to rnnaaaa late. i am thinking to come sometime during the semester break. i’ve been wodding all on my own in the gym!

  5. Got the 400m, and 1/2 mile in. I may be missing soitmheng here, is an 800m the same as a half mile? I thought twice around an Oly. track was 800 and 800 was 1/2 a mile, no? Regardless; 400m 1:13, 1/2 mile 2:52.01Using track at Argyle and Chicago River (West of California) in case anyone lives close. Will get mile in tomorrow and see you all Thursday.

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  7. I know you just started an On Ramp seossin in June. Can you tell me when the next seossin will start? I’m assuming September, but am looking for an actual date. Also is the best introduction to Crossfit the On Ramp classes, or do you recommend just starting with some drop in classes?

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