Friday 100806



3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3


With the clock running complete the following:

5 clean and jerks on the minute (135#/95#)

Go until you can no longer complete the set of 5 within the minute.


Charlotte setting up!

For those of you interested in carpooling up to Steamboat on Saturday to see Dustin finish his 200 mile journey, please post to comments. Kelley D is planning on making the trip to meet us up there. If anyone else is you could save some gas and gain some company!

11 thoughts on “Friday 100806”

  1. What a great WOD for a Friday!!!! Yay! This is gonna make my day tomorrow! 🙂
    PS: Let’s get a big Evolve group to support D. Hampton!!!! He is doing the unthinkable, and being there to support him will be priceless! Let me know!

  2. This is my kinda WOD! Deadlifts AND clean and jerks??? Awesome. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for Dustin from work on Saturday.

  3. Dustin hit the 100 mile mark at 3:30 this morning, slept in the car until 7 am, then started running again. Word is he’s feeling strong!

  4. Windy…. are you going to be at the box at 4? or 5? We need to switch phone numbers and chat about tomorrow!!!!!!!

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