Wednesday 100727



3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

6 hang squat cleans, 135#/95#

9 pull-ups

12 box jumps, 24"/18"

Post rounds to comments.


Austin – CrossFitter, all around good guy, and soon to be MBA student at Purdue!

We have a link to Mark's Daily Apple on our nutrition page. Mark Sisson runs a great website and is also the author of the Primal Blueprint and a cookbook. He sends out a newsletter you can subscribe to through the website. There's some great info that he offers. Below is a portion of his latest newsletter. It mentions the 80/20 rule that you've heard us talk about when it comes to fueling for performance. What I like about this is that it's not all or nothing. When you put yourself up to those standards, it's impossible to meet them. We all know you have to live, and sometime that means a departure from perfect nutrition or our ideal workout schedule. The key is to make the inevidable slip-ups the exception rather than the norm. Just like anything, you can either go with it or you can let it wreck you and be a source of discouragement. I vote for just going with it! How about you?

… You eat a piece of bread at dinner and freak out to the point of being unable to enjoy your grass-fed ribeye. You eat that proffered slice of cake (because, who knows, a promotion might hang in the balance) and feel like you undid weeks of solid Primal eating.

Just realize that the Primal Laws aren't enforced by pain of death or injury. They are guidelines – solid guidelines that you should follow for optimum health – but they aren't uncompromising. You aren't living in the Edenic grasslands of Eastern Africa. It's not a Primal paradise out there. You aren't actually Grok. If you mess up and eat a piece of bread or accidentally run a marathon, it's totally fine and even expected! We all make momentary compromisesin life. Hell, part of being human is "messing up" and rolling with the punches. To deny that basic inherency in pursuit of absolute 100% unrealistic perfectioncan actually be worse than giving in occasionally.

Don't panic! Relax, and remember that an unofficial Primal precept is the 80/20 principle. 100% is great and all, but not everyone can, or even wants to, achieve it. Going 80%of the way is pretty damn good, and anything is better than 100% SAD. You might even say that compromise is part of the Primal Blueprint. 


3 thoughts on “Wednesday 100727”

  1. I’m so sore from yesterday, this wod just intensified it and i was going so slow with less weight.
    Definitely barely doing anything the next two days

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