Wednesday 100707


Neil will be giving a running clinic!


Run a 5K

We'll be running a 5K with an ephasis on the skills Neil talks about. Although the clock will be running, this will be more about technique than time. Bring your tunes and water!


Joel gets inverted!

Recently we've had a lot of folks wanting to make up WODs they've missed. More than a couple have asked to do 2-a-days, the current WOD and the one that was missed. We completely understand the feeling when you see a WOD you want to do but can't get to the gym because of other obligations. As you know, our programming goes from Monday through Friday, with Saturday WODs bringing team comps or utilizing equipmen or movements not found in our typical programming. Does this mean you should be working out 5 days on, 2 days off? No. The optimal CrossFit schedule is 3 days on, 1 day off. However, based on feedback from you, our athletes, this doesn't work for most of you. The fact of the matter is you will miss WODs. Either because you take a rest day, or because you keep going until your body makes you take a rest day (that's an injury). We've spoken to many of you about the need to take days off, and we'll continue to do so. With that said, if you miss a WOD, especially a benchmark WOD, there will be another opportunity to make it up, so don't worry! We love your intensity, everyone has really stepped it up lately. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll get what your after!

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  1. Wasn’t the original CrossFit program 5-on-2-off?
    In fact the CrossFit Journal article by Greg Glassman “A Theoretical Template for CrossFit’s Programming” from Feb 2003 in the Template Macro View section says:
    “If life is simpler, easier with the five on two off pattern don’t hesitate to employ it. The difference in potential between the two (5 on vs 3 on) may not warrant restructuring your entire life to accommodate the more effective pattern.”
    So you advise against 5 on? Is the programming different at Evolve different than the template explained in this journal article?
    Thanks for the workouts, I’ve been doing them in my basement.

  2. I think it’s all individual when it comes to how often you workout, but people have to be smart about not wearing their body out and many people don’t know when that is or what that feels like.
    Todays going to be coldddddddd

  3. Good instruction Neil! Fun run in the drizzle this morning.
    As far as the training goes, I prefer a 5 on 2 off schedule, but agree that it’s not for everyone. I find that it works best for the kind of volume and intensity that I need to see results in my training. I have tried to take more time off, and that simply leads to me feeling more lethargic, and for lack of a better example, having a case of the Mondays when I get back into the gym after a day of rest.
    I also read that on rest days, light to moderate exercise is better for recovery as opposed to flat out rest…every one is different, and ultimately Id say it comes down to listening to your body, it will tell you when you need to ease off and take a break.

  4. Thank God, finally a good day! This may have been what I needed to get my confidence back after a few days of not doing so great in the workouts! A PR on my run- Thanks Neil for the tips:) It helped to have the drizzle, cooled things off! Great Job this morning everyone!

  5. Great discussion on the work out schedules! Joseph, we don’t subscribe to any one schedule. Like our athletes have responded, it is going to depend on the athlete and what their goals are. Happy to hear that you are enjoying the WOD’s, keep it up!

  6. Those of you who have a CrossFit Journal memberships there is a great video that was posted on July 5th called “All over the Map” where they picked random athletes who will be competing in the 2010 game. They all talk about their training methods. Very interesting because they are all different and rest is brought up several times. If you don’t have a Journal membership Jon and I highly recommend it. It is only $30 for the year and there is a ton of great information on it. So much that it is hard to keep up with it all. Best $30 you will ever spend.

  7. Another great post about this subject is a video posted on June 30th called “Secrets of the Elite” where some of the top CrossFit athletes discuss the hot topic of multiple WOD’s in a day. Again, the ideas are all different. Check it out! Keep in mind, with these guys and gals, their goal is to be the best in the world. A different goal than I have. What is goal with CrossFit?

  8. Sorry! My last post I promise. I personally like the guy who said, when asked how he trains, that he “does what his coach tells him to do that day.” I like that guy! I didn’t get to coach anyone today so I am coaching via web posts. Great job on the running today! Neil it sounds like you did awesome. Very proud of my wife for setting a PR! Ata girl!

  9. Awesome discussion! Joseph, you’re right – the cycle was initially 5 on 2 off. However, and I’m almost positive it mentions it in there, they switched it to a 3 on 1 off because the athelete’s output was greatly diminsihed on day 4 and more on day 5. With that said, Ryan for example, thrives on that schedule. Our experience personally and as coaches tells us that the vast majority of athletes can only keep up 5 in a row for so long. They may get in the last 2 days of WODs, but their performance will suffer for it. That’s why you guys have us. We talk, we watch, and our goal is to be in tune with you enough to keep an eye out for overtraining. We encourage you to try different schedules and see how you respond. You may find something that works even better than what you’re doing now!

  10. For me, the rest days can really depend on the programming. For example, if we’ve done a WOD that’s really heavy on pull-ups and then there’re another one a day or two later, I tend to take a rest day just to avoid overuse of my hands or a certain muscle group.

  11. I hate running with poison in my blood, and if it wasn’t in the programing, I probably wouldn’t do it. THANK YOU for putting it in there. As much as I don’t like it I really need to do it more than just pack tests and swat tests. Anyone can suck it up for the really short 1.5 mile. Doing it for 3 miles is new for me. Running wise, 800 is the limit I usually set on myself. Again thank you for it. 

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