Tuesday 100712


Split jerk


For time:

50 split jerks, 95#/75#

Complete 3 burpees at minute 1:00 and each minute after that until the 50 reps of split jerk  are completed.


Functional movements!

As was posted in comments the other day, the Colorado Open at Front Range CrossFit (www.frontrangecrossfit.com) will be on August 27th thru 29th. This is a great event and we encourage everyone to sign up for it. From the site:

The individual workouts will be able to be scaled for anyone’s ability level. 

This will be a great opporunity to participate in a CrossFit event, to fight through some WODs with other CrossFitters, and to ramp up your training – it's amazing how having a competition date circled on the calander will inspire your workouts! Cost is $65 per athletes. Let us know if you have any questions!

10 thoughts on “Tuesday 100712”

  1. YAY! I was just gonna ask if we could do practice split jerks soon, how perfect! This will be a fun new skill.

  2. I thought it was funny…did you see the video I posted on the blog yesterday? The humidity is pretty wicked…it rains a ton in a short amount of time, then the sun comes out and just scorches so it’s kind of ridiculous…we ran this morning and it felt like I was under water! Good times though, time is flying! I have been able to keep up with some of the WODs as well…it’s nice going to the gym here because you can’t swing a stick without hitting someone that is doing some kind of crossfit training…I did the squats + box jump and dbl under one yesterday, and today did the split jerk one…both went well! Hope all is well in the Fort, catch yall later.

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