Thursday 100708


The glute ham developer (GHD)



75 Power snatch for time, 75#

For the newer Evolve athletes, this will be a great skill session to work on the snatch.


Kimberley going overhead – don't worry, her head went "thru the window", we just shot the photo early!

We had a request to post a little something about fish oil. I think that by now, the majority of us have accepted that fish oil is good for us. I know many of us take it regularly. Although we agree it's good for us, there are a couple of questions that come up.

First is quantity. How much should you take? What it says on the bottle? More? Less? This is a pretty common question and a google search will give you a wide range of answers. Much depends on factors including age and health history. Whole9 (a link to their site is under our Nutrition page) has developed a fish oil calculator based on Robb Wolf's calculations:

I can tell you that the number of fish oil capsules this calculator will give you is A LOT! It even mentions on the page that although this calculator will tell you how much to take, it won't tell you how to pay for it. This is a pretty cool calculator because you enter in a variety of factors specific to you. My opinion is that this is a great place to start, but it may not be reasonable for you to take as much as it recomends due to cost.

Now for how to choose what brand to take – there's a lot out there! The International Fish Oil Standards are available to review the quality of fish oil: . This is one place to look. I haven't spent a lot of time researching who the IFOS folks are. As we discuss, it's always good to know who's paying for the research that establishes lists which are used by people to decide what to buy. There are a lot of other sources out there, so check them out and let us know what you find!

The freezer test? There is a belief that if you put your fish oil in the freezer for 6 hours it should still be soft or gelatin-like rather than frozen solid. If it's frozen, it's of poorer quality. Looking online, I've read both opinions on this subject. I tested mine today and it was soft, but I also know that the batch I have right now isn't the greatest quality - I bought it at Target in a pinch. So for now I'd say it's unfounded. If you guys find any info on the subject, please share it!


20 thoughts on “Thursday 100708”

  1. Hey guys! For some great nutritional info regarding fish oil, any other type of oil, and all sorts of great zone/paleo and saturated fat intake info, check out Front Range Crossfits’ most recent post with their notes and articles from their Nutrition Class. It has some really great info~ enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the post Jon! In your research did you (or any one else out there with personal experiences) find anything about liquid vs capsule? I hear liquid is better absorbed, but has a shorter shelf life, and can separate easily which will decrease its quality.

  3. I would love to try Randy. Maybe at work tomorrow with steel plates, and if I have to bail, I will redecorate the floor. Meh. We are getting a new station. It’s all good.

  4. I have been reading a lot lately about dialing in your diet to the point where you don’t need supplementation -vitamins, fish oil etc. What do you all think about that? I mean I just read an article yesterday that Glucosamine Chondroitin has no scientific effect. I’m up in the air, unused to buy a lot of supps when I was doing the globo gym thing-protein, pre-workout, nitrogen boosters, etc. But then again I don’t rock at the level that some of you all do, so maybe supplementation becomes helpful or necessary. I don’t know. It’s all pretty confusing. Help!

  5. John. There was a recent article on the CF Journal about supplements and CF and such. I will see if I can print it and find it and I will bring it in for you if you want. Email me if you want it

  6. I used to work at GNC and our big pitch there was getting people started on the multi-vitamins…people would come in with all kinds of ideas of wanting a protein, a thermogenic, or an NO2 supplement.
    The way we were trained was to first ask them what kind of multi-vitamin they were taking, if any, and then try and explain to them that there are building blocks to establishing a good supplementation program and it started with a good vitamin.
    We would explain that the vitamins were catered to help prepare someones body to better receive a protein, a creatine, or an NO2 supplement….
    I do agree to a certain extent that vitamins are necessary in a well balanced nutrition scheme, but on the other hand I have heard that if your nutrition is dialed in, you should be able to get all the vitamins you need from your diet alone…
    …sadly…the majority of Americans do not have a good diet, and are missing out on key vitamins that can be easily remedied with a quick 1 a day vitamin…now the quality of the vitamin is a different story..that you will have to do more independent research on.
    I can tell more GNC stories off the record for anyone else interested in knowing more, but with any kind of supplementation make sure you know where the product is coming from, and exactly what the purpose of taking it is…do your homework…or have Jon do it for you…he’s good at the kind of stuff 🙂

  7. I would agree that most of us are not getting our nutritional needs met by our diets. With all the pesticides pumped into the environment, genetic engineering, etc, we are likely not getting the same nutrient content in our food that our ancestors were even if we are eating properly. I think taking a multi-vitamin/mineral is a good idea to just cover your bases. As Ryan points out, the quality is important as well to ensure absorption.

  8. Another good topic! Suplementation is tricky, and you can find plenty of data to back up either side of the issue. John, Loren Cordain, who wrote the paleo diet, feels that we can get enough nutrients from diet alone with the exception of the omega 3’s simply because most of us don’t eat enough fish. He also mentions Sarah’s point – much of what we know as fruits and vegetables now are deficient in nutrients. That would be a great topic for another post…

  9. Kristine Reinking

    Remember also that fish oil supplementation for the western american diet is not just about us not eating enough fish. It is most effective in keeping our ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids in check, as Omega Omega 6 is an immflammatory when not ratioed with Omega 3,(an anti-immflamatory) and is responsible for many of our health problems.

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