Monday 100712


Back Squat

5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5


10 box jumps

20 double unders

20 box jumps

40 double unders

30 box jumps

60 double unders

40 box jumps

80 double unders

Post time to comments.


Neil setting up to go overhead.

We're back to our regular program! Well not so regular: not only are we returning to our own programing after mixing it up with main site WODs over the last month, but we're starting the strength cycle we've been talking to you about. For the next 6 weeks, there will be a strength session before the WODs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The movements will be back squat, press, and deadlift. If these look familiar, they should because they are what make up the CrossFit total, which the majority of you recently completed. Many of you have established your 1 rep max for these movements or participated in a 3-rep or a 5-rep session, so we'll have a baseline for comparison. We thought long and hard about what program to use for this strength cycle. There are many out there, each with pros and cons. We settled on something similar to the "Strength Bias" from the CrossFit Journal Article by Martin and White. The rep scheme is straight-forward and we have had personal success with our own cycles following this protocol, as have several other athletes we know. CrossFit is evidence-based fitness, and your results are measurable. With that said, we will attempt to increase load each week and will establish a new 1RM for the back squat, press, and dead lift.

For the newer athletes, have now worries. This will be a fantastic opportunity to work on your range of motion and technique with these movements. We will get them dialed in, and your strength will increase. Have fun with this next 6 weeks, work hard, and get stronger every day! Post your thoughts to comments! 

7 thoughts on “Monday 100712”

  1. ooo this wod is going to be great!! i’m excited to do the strength during our wods, i think its great practice! im even more excited for fast met cons like this one today! i need some wods to kick my butt these next two weeks

  2. super hard wod!! my legs are already feeling those back squats.
    I made paleo carnitas tonight! I’ll be sending the recipe out asap, they were DELICIOUS!!

  3. Kelley De Laney

    My legs have been tired all day today! But I can’t complain, I set a PR and that’s what i’ve signed up to do…. embrace the suck! 🙂

  4. I love love love this post! The whole part where you say Hey, I’m going to go after fitness but I have other tihngs that must come first, so I’m doing this on my terms I love that. I needed to hear that.

  5. May not make it to the WOD, due to soccer games, but would love to come hang out after, if that’s ok. Would be nice to see evreyone. Great job on the new space! Kristin Howe

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