Friday 100709


3 rounds for time of:

30 squat cleans, 95#

30 pull-ups

Run 800m

Yes, another WOD with running. We know this has been a tough couple of weeks of programming and we can say that you are stronger for it. If you're thinking of bailing because you've had your fill of running, remember what JB says, "on hero WODs you have to go all out because they went all out for us."


In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq.

We've been doing the dynamic range of motion warm-ups for a few weeks now and we'd like your feedback. What's your thoughts? Do you like it? Do you miss the old style? How about the t-spine mobilization with those comfy lax balls, do you like those? Your feedback is what keeps this place great so let us have it!

9 thoughts on “Friday 100709”

  1. I personally like the new warm-ups.
    As for the WOD, what a better way to end the week than to throw down a hero WOD!

  2. Maybe a month of the Cross Fit Girls WODs….then a later on a month of Hero WODs……If there is enough…..Whoa……That big board will fill up fast! Either way I like the programing no matter what.
    I love the dynamic stretching and warm ups. I think that builds on what makes CF different from traditional workout programs and the “Globo-Gym”.

  3. I like the new warm ups better as well. I feel like I get better stretching with them than the old style:) Hero WOD, here I come…more running- I can’t complain it helped me better my 5k time:)

  4. i kinda miss the old warm ups. i feel like a got “warm” during those and it helped me practice some of my skills such as pull ups and squats. i know i can mix that into the warm ups now, but i know i do it more when it’s actually on the board.

  5. I like the new dynamic stretching, particularly if there’s any running involved in the WOD. With the old warm-up, I didn’t feel ready to run and often had aches at the beginning of the run because I was starting cold.
    I can also see Juli’s point, and I think the old type of warm-up works out well when there isn’t any running involved in the WOD.
    P.S. – I would love a skill day of butterfly pull-ups (preferably when the WOD isn’t heavy on arms). 🙂

  6. Kelley De Laney

    I like the new W.U.’s but like Juli said, I miss the other stuff also, the pull ups, the sit ups, etc! I’m loving the WOD’s recently as well!!!

  7. I like the new dynamic movements, I feel like they warm me up more effectively than a circuit of squats, pull ups, or sit ups…maybe incorporate those movements more often in skill sessions…have a skill session day for squat variations, have a skill session day to teach pull up/muscle up progression, have a day for GHD and sit up progression, etc…so people get the best of both worlds, and still get to fine tune some of the more basic movements.

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