Wednesday 100608

For time:

Run 800m

40 L-pull-ups

Run 800m

40 Strict pull-ups

Run 800m

40 kipping pull-ups

Post time to comments.


Jim hitting the deadlift.

As most of you know,this month we're doing main site programming from June 2009. We want to keep things fresh and varied and this will be a great way to do that. is where many of us found CrossFit, and the programming is fantastic. But when you see the WOD for today, what are your thoughts? It combines 2 things that many people despise – running and pull-ups. So when you see this WOD, is your thought to bail from coming in today? Do you have the urge to turn today into a rest day based on the WOD? Or do you understand the benefit of working your weaknesses? One of the beauties of CrossFit is that we are good at all aspects of fitness, we improve our general physical preparedness (GPP). This is the goal, to improve in the 10 general physical skills. But, if you lay out whenever a WOD hits on what you know are your weaknesses, there's no way to improve in those areas.

So as WODs come up that seem like they were created to exploit all your weaknesses, we challenge you to come in and hit them hard. Turn your weaknesses into your strengths. The benefits are mental as well as physical, and it's an amazing feeling to work hard at improving and actually go from fearing a skill to looking forward to it. 

7 thoughts on “Wednesday 100608”

  1. my question is, what should i do about the hands? i want to do this wod, but there is no way i should even try it if its just going to make me worse off.
    can i sub pull ups for something else?

  2. Great ill definitely be there!! I’m going to have to try an L pull ups at least once though. I’ve never tried them!

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