Wednesday 100602


Turkish Get-ups


Squat Cleans

1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

Work your way up to establish your 1 rep max. Post loads to comments.


Kelley gets inverted!


Here's a box squat video with Dave Tate from Westside barbell. As you can see, his shins go way back versus the perpendicular we were trying to hit today. As you get more comfortable and build the strength in the posterior chain, you'll be able to move your feet further from the box. Good job today working on this new skill!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday 100602”

  1. Yall are throwing down some fun WODs without me! I hit my first one up today in Canada at Crossfit Toronto
    Their structure was similar to ours in the sense they had 4 parts to the hour long session.
    Part 1 was a warm up that consisted of rowing, squats, push ups, and sit ups.
    Part 2 was 5×5 bench press
    Part 3 was in partners of 2, row as far as possible in 10 minutes. One person is holding a front plank, while the other is rowing, you split it up as necessary
    Part 4 was 100 reverse hyper-extensions…never tried those before, but the idea was to do the 100 as fast as possible, in the least amount of sets.
    They are a decent gym, HUGE space, and have a lot of equipment. I am going to check out another box tomorrow morning! Happy training to all!

  2. good work 9amers!! you all did so great with the pr’s!! hope everyone else did well!!
    ryan, those reverse hyperextensions look…fun haha. hope all the boxes are a blast!

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