Tuesday 100615


Muscle Snatch


Back squat

1 – 1 -1 -1 – 1 – 1 – 1

Establish your 1 rep max. Post load to comments.


Mount Rainier in Washington State.

As some of you know, Dustin and Jim are at Mount Rainier preparing to climb over the next couple of days. As you have seen, these guys have been working hard to get ready. So when you're hitting the WOD the next few days, think about a couple of things. Think about how Dustin and Jim used CrossFit to condition themselves for this difficult journey. Think about what we try to accomplish with CrossFit, and how it trains us in all aspects of physical preparedness. For the fitness aspect of this climb, they have used CrossFit as their base, and they have no doubt that they're ready. Also, send them good thoughts for a safe, successful climb. See you fellas when you get back, we're all rooting for you! 


7 thoughts on “Tuesday 100615”

  1. Great job, Dustin and Jim! I didn’t even want to push through the tear in my hand during pull ups today! And, I was a big baby trying to wash my hair tonight without making my hand sting even more. I can’t imagine what perseverance they’ll have to have on that mountain.

  2. Dustin and Jim, Godspeed!
    Did a WOD On my own at the YMCA today.
    3 Rounds of
    10 135# deadlift
    10 Burpees
    10 situps
    My diet is off track and workouts aren’t as consistent as Id like. Can’t wait to get back and get better!

  3. Dustin will not be sending a picture they have no phone service on the mountain. I will let you know when I hear from them again. It will not be until at least Thursday!!!!

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