Thursday 100624


Back Squat

5 – 5 – 5


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 handstand push-ups

15 push press, 95#/65#

20 parallette dips

Post rounds to comments.


Although many of you have been walking underneath it for a couple of days, word on the street is that some of you haven't noticed the new sign (because your so focused to come in and work hard, right!?) - so here it is! Dresses up the place, don't you think?

This summer our family joined the Grant Family Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) ( Check out the website for the details on Grant Family Farms and CSAs. If you paleo, zone, or even try to eat clean, the majority of carbs should come from vegetables and some fruits (that's how you all are fueling, right?). As many of you know, that's a lot of trips to the market for fresh veggies. So we split a family share with another family and every Monday we get a bag full of fresh, locally grown, organic vegetables. 

One thing we were excited about was the opportunity to try vegetables that we wouldn't normally buy because you get what's being harvested, it's not pick and choose. So the first 2 weeks we received some rhubarb. I've heard of rhubarb pie, but other than that, I had no idea what to do with it. About the same time, I received the June issue of Performance Menu. In the recipes in the back were the fixins for Creamy Avacado and Rhubarb Soup. Bingo! So today I made it and I wanted to share the recipe. This soup is served cold, which is kind of strange but I figured it's hot out so why not. I found the soup to be tangy for lack of a better description, but it's definately an odd flavor. They do say you can sub half a cucumber for the rhubarb, and I will try that next time. So here you go, if you ever findyourself with a bunch of rhubarb and can't bake a pie, be bold and try something new!


Creamy Avacado and Rhubarb Soup

1 medium avacado

1 stalk rhubarb

1 cup coconut water (find this at Sunflower, Sprouts, Vitamin Cottage with the bottle water and juices)

1/2 tsp oregeno

1/4 tsp cummin

Place all incredients into a blender or food processor, blend until creamy, serve chilled.

Season it to your tastes!

Makes 2 servings at .6 carb block, 12 fat blocks (6g carb, 18g fat)

15 thoughts on “Thursday 100624”

  1. I have tons of rhubarb growing in my yard that I didn’t know what to do with since I don’t eat pie anymore, so thanks for sharing!
    We joined a CSA this year too and are also splitting a large share with another family. It’s called Shire CSA, You can access them from Prospect or on the Spring Creek bike trail. Pretty cool place.

  2. Have you ever help someone who was stranded in the road push their car out of the way to safety. It feels good to do something for someone else doesn’t it? Well, I have good news! Sign up for the WOD this Sat because we are going to practice being good samaritans!

  3. Gino, do you remember when you and I stopped to help push that car out of the road on Mulberry for that lady and her husband pulled up and was all mad at us for trying to help?! Sometimes it’s hard to be a good samaritan!

  4. Jill–i’m almost there, at about 55 inches so i should prob break the world record soon, easy.
    Yay mike!! I’m so glad you’re doing it!
    And what is rhubarb like? I’ve never had it so i’m slightly frightened to try it. And Gino, are we pulling cars this weekend?

  5. Juli, rhubarb is not very good by itself…it tastes kind of like an apple with no sweet and all tart. That’s why people usually add sugar to it in pies and such. I’m thinking the creaminess of the avacado and all the seasonings will help balance it out in this soup. I’ve also heard of a punch you can make with it…add lemonade concentrate, 7up, etc, but that’s still a lot of sugar for the way I eat.

  6. Jon, I do remember that and you are right, it is tuff at times, but that’s what we do. We do the tuff things in life.
    Juli, I will let you ponder that for the next day or so!

  7. Strawberry-rhubarb pie is one of my favorites..I have some growing in my yard too.
    Great job to everyone in the 9 am WOD, it looked tough!

  8. Unfortunately I am umpiring all weekend again, so I will miss Saturday’s WOD…sorry. But, just so everyone else knows, that when Gene talks about being a good samaritan and helping move cars, this is what he is talking about….
    yall have fun 🙂

  9. how does everyone have rhubarb growing in their back yard? i’m not sure if i know what it even looks like haha

  10. Someones good at collages!
    Sarah, the tart is still there with the soup so for sure add spices. Lots of spices!

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