Saturday 100626

"The Good Samaritan"

In teams of 2, complete 4 rounds of:

3 minutes of car pushing as far as possible

2 minutes of thrusters, 95#/65#

Car pushes will be as many times back and forth in the parking lot you can manage within the 3 minutes. For thrusters, teammates will go one at a time, reps are cumulative for both.


Collage courtesy of Ryan G. Here's to hoping Gino partners up with one of you guys!!!

Thanks to Juli for some more great recipes! Here's one of her recent ones:

Honey cod

Almond Crusted Honey Baked Cod
1 cod filet (about 12oz each)- i bought my cod at Sprouts
1 T olive oil

2 T honey

1/4 C almond meal flour- try getting this out of the tubs at Sprouts! so much cheaper!
1 egg

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

While the oven is preheating, cut the cod filets into portions that are suitable to your taste. I cut them into about 3 oz pieces. Next, find a flat bowl or baking dish and crack an egg into it. Scramble up this egg to use as your coating before you "batter the fish". Next use another dish and add your almond meal to it. Place both of these dishes close to your skillet so you won't be dropping any fish on the floor.

Add olive oilto skillet. As the skillet is heating up, take a cod filet and soak it in your egg dish. Once it is thoroughly soaked on both sides, then place it in the almond meal dish and make sure both sides are covered in the almond meal. Then add your cod filets to the skillet. They cook rather quickly so make sure to watch them because the almond meal can easily burn. Once they are cooked on each side (2-3min apprx. each side) put them onto a baking dish (i used a cookie sheet) and drizzle honey on top of each. Place them into the oven and in about 7-10 min, you got almond crusted honey baked cod!!

I balanced out this meal with a small side salad of romaine and spinach, cucumber, and grapes. Enjoy! 

5 thoughts on “Saturday 100626”

  1. Wish I could be there as well, umpiring all day tomorrow at Edora Park. Yall have fun with it though…can’t wait to see pics from it! Oh, have yall seen the WOD on the main site for the 26th?

  2. Hey Ryan I want to see your three strike call when you get back! Have fun and don’t let those parents give you a hard time…

  3. Me too Ryan, and it better have some flare! That was an awesome WOD today guys, great turnout even knowing that you were going to be doing something tough and out of the norm. I am tired as hell and will have to sit on the couch the rest of the day.
    The vibe in the gym and the comments on the web site have been awesome and you all are creating that. Keep it up, it makes the CrossFit experience even better.
    We have had a lot of new members coming in and those members, as well as Jon and I, appreciate all of you making them feel welcome and showing them what Evolve is all about.
    I think we can all remember our first time coming in for a WOD and how overwhelming that can be, so thanks aging for making their first CrossFit experience a great one!

  4. Ha its really not all that glamorous…all of my calls are pretty non-challant and lacking of flare.
    Pics from the WOD are great! Bummin that I missed it! I promise I will make another saturday WOD…one of these days….

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