Tuesday 100629


5 x 200m sprints. Rest 2 minutes between efforts.


Front Squat

3 -3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Post load and feelings on running 2 days in a row to comments.


Jason ripping muscle-ups on the high rings!

There was a pretty cool article in the Journal this month by Dr. Steven Platek discussing his belief that the camaraderie of CrossFit helps get athletes through the WODs. I think that's something we all can agree with. When your heart is pounding out of your chest, your ears are ringing, and there's a puddle under you (hopefully it's just sweat), there's a certain level of comfort when you look around and see people who look just like you feel.

Today at the 9am WOD we saw this first hand. The place was on fire, totally alive. The WOD was a burner, and folks were fighting hard. The tunes were especially loud and the song was just right for what was going down. As some of the firebreathers finished the WOD, they imediately went over to the others who were finishing up their reps, and the place erupted. There was screaming, clapping, cheering, encouraging. It was one of those moments where you had to be there to appreciate it. And at that point in time, there wasn't a single person still going who would let themselves drop that kettlebell or come of that wall during the HSPUs. It was the camaraderie of the box that pushed them past their point of comfort. It gave them that little bit extra to get through what they were doing. And that's the good stuff. That's why we train together. Most of us wouldn't be able to perform alone the way be perform when we're with our friends throwing down. This is what makes CrossFit different, and this is what makes Evolve what it is.  

14 thoughts on “Tuesday 100629”

  1. Great picture! I expect some big numbers on those front squats today.
    As for my feelings on running…I just threw down “Nancy,” which was brutal. It took me almost 23 minutes, but I did it as RX’d, which was my goal.

  2. Kelley De Laney

    I <3 RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    Who's gonna set a PR today.... THIS GIRL IS!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

  3. I like the idea of having Neil put on a running clinic with drills and WODs that can help improve running form and ability.

  4. Word. The vibe in the gym rocks, thanks to all for the inspiration every time I walk through the door. Jill, you have great taste in work out music, I love the fact that my 9 year old’s 4th Grade teacher likes to kick down the gangsta rap.

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