Tuesday 100601


Box squats


10 Inverted burpees

20 Push presses, 95#/65#

30 Box jumps, 24"/18"

Run 400m

30 Box jumps, 24"/18"

20 Push presses, 95#/65#

10 Inverted burpees

Post time to comments.


Mike, overhead squats at sunrise!

Inverted burpee-demo 

The Inverted Burpee: starting supine, kip (or sit-up and roll) to standing, kick-up to handstand. This burpee derivative involves similar amounts of work and greater skill than the traditional burpee. 

From www.crossfit.con

We've spoken to most of you, but wanted to let all know that for the time being the noon WODs will be canceled. Reason being, it is almost always empty. There have only been a couple of athletes who have used it, and it that is occasional at best.  With the amount of room consistently available in the 4 PM WOD, we'd like to bring up attendance there. As you know, a huge part of CrossFit is the competitive nature of the WODs and the camaraderie of the box. The 4 PMers are in need of a few more people to throw down with, and noon never sees more than 1 person. With that said, we just added 6 athletes from the most recent Foundations and it looks like the Foundations starting on June 7th will be at capacity. There is a chance that WODs will need to be added. If any athletes want to see the noon come back, let us know and we'll make it so!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday 100601”

  1. Hey everybody! I hit CROSSFIT NASTI today!
    I did FGB for reps 21-15-9
    time 29:36 ends up at like 225 reps!
    Miss you all!

  2. That was an AWESOME wod today!! i really like inverted burpees! good job everyone! it was a big 4pm class today!

  3. Ok, call me lazy. I didn’t get up at 4am to come to the WOD… BUT after a full shift, I dragged my lazy arse home and did the WOD sub’ing 17.5 lb dumbbell shoulder presses, and a 12 inch “porch jump”. 9:28 was the time =)
    Off to play with battleready tomorrow after shift. When the heck are we gonna do later WODs???

  4. Elizabeth – Zuke, you would be considered a Power Gun or now, a Mighty Mother F*cking Power Gun ! Dan and I were under reivew for the YoungGuns for quite a while and recently accepted, but after Dan was beat by two of my field hockey players yesterday I think Joe has permanently removed us from the YoungGuns.

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