Sunday 100516

Rest Day!


Scott getting ready for some front squats.

Most of you know Scott from the WODs. We met Scott when we first opened and he recently completed his 101 and started hitting the WODs. Scott told us about a very specific goal he had. He's in the interview process for a local fire department. As part of that process, applicants are required to complete a physical ability test. These tests have applicants run through a series of stations that mimic actual fireground operations. Typically included is some sort of stair climb with equipment, hoisting equipment, pulling fire hose, lifting and carrying various equipment, and a victim drag, among other things. Scott has fire experience and knew what to expect. However, he hadn't been hitting workouts regularly recently. He wanted to get back up to speed quickly, in a matter of weeks. His goal was to get his fitness to a level where he wouldn't think twice about the physical portion of the process, that way he could focus on the written test and interview. During our discussion, we told him that one sure way to be ready is to practice the actual events. Climb stairs, pull fire hose, drag a rescue dummy around. We also discussed that CrossFit - constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity – would be a great supplement to that training.

Scott had his physical agility and written tests today. He called this afternoon to tell me that he finished the physical portion in around 5 minutes, well within the alloted time of 6:30. Scott also passed the written test and will move on to interviews this week!

This is another great example of why we do CrossFit – training for life! When you see Scott offer him congratulations on what he accomplished today and wish him good luck on his interview. Great job Scotty!

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  1. Nice work Scott! We are very proud of you. Another great example of setting a goal and going after it. Thanks for the inspiration buddy and you should be very proud of yourself. YOU DID IT!

  2. Thanks everyone. I’m pretty happy and proud. I told one of my buddies that I imagine this must be what it feels like to win the lottery. I owe a lot of it to crossfit and the training I have recieved at both of the gym’s I have been to. I went into the test with the mind frame that this was just another WOD and to get it done as quickly as possible.
    Hopefully interviews go well. I think with Jon’s coaching that he so graciously offered it should be a big deal. Thanks again everyone

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