Monday 100503


5 sets of 5

Try to establish your 5 rep max. Post load to comments.


Katie M. leaving it all out there.

Congratulations to Kristine who finished 17th overall in the North Central Regional CrossFit Games this weekend in Castle Rock. Competing with 50 of the top women as decided by the Sectional games in March, Kristine absolutely blew it up and made everyone super proud. If you run into her be sure to offer some well-deserved congratulations. Way to go Kristine!

Also, congratulations to our friend and Fort Collins' own Chris Gubbels who finished 15th overall. Great work Chris!

9 thoughts on “Monday 100503”

  1. Way 2 go Kristine!!! Sounds like you did awesome- we’re all super proud of you:)
    Katie, you look like you gave it your all, good for you!!! That’s how I feel most days:)

  2. Katie, it doesn’t look like you worked hard enough! There is no pooling of perspiration around your body and your hands are not bleeding!!!!!

  3. Jon, it’s much easier to hear when it’s not coming from your husband…not that I’m speaking from personal experience.

  4. Kristine Reinking

    Thank you for the congrats! The Regionals were so inspirational and it was truly an honor to be competing there with some amazing athletes! Guess it’s time to start training for next year! Whos with me?!

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