Friday 100521




5 rounds for time of:

Run 200m

15 Overhead squats, 95#/65#

15 Wall balls, 20#/14#

Post time and thoughts to comments.

John has ups! 

Most of you know by now that John is leaving for a month-long work trip to Cincinnati tomorrow. He's been a fixture in the box for the last 3 weeks. For some time, John's friend Diego (who some of you know) had been on him to get into CrossFit. As you all know, you have to be ready to start CrossFit. 3 weeks ago John was ready. He came in and wanted to get to work, but he had a date on the calander – May 21st – that he would have to leave. But he was readyt to start now, not when he got back from the trip. So he went to work. John jumped into CrossFIt with both feet. He worked hard to improve range of movement, he changed his diet drastically, we never stopped fighting, and in 3 hard weeks he's seen change in how he looks, and even more importanty, how he feels. John's contacted CrossFit Nasti ( and set up to work out with them to keep up with his fitness while he's gone.

We'll miss ya John, get back soon!


8 thoughts on “Friday 100521”

  1. John, can’t wait for you to come back. I hope that you have a great trip and have fun working out at Nasti. Your drive and no quit attitude has been a great inspiration to me and I know it has been for others in our gym as well. Keep up the great positive attitude and keep working hard. I know you already know this but you can acheive anything you want to!

  2. John – Have a great trip and will see you when you get back. We can do another team workout together and get our butts kicked. See you soon!

  3. Fun and safe travels to you John. See you when you get back!
    Nice job to the noon crew on the WOD today! Everyone enjoy the fact that it’s finally acting like spring time in Colorado, and have a great weekend!

  4. Man, ya’ll are awesome! We just made it to Chicago last night! I am going to try to hit a WOD at Windy city tomorrow morning. It has been an honor doing work with you all! See you all in a month!

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