Friday 100514


Overhead Squats

For Time:

20 Box hurdles (18"/12")

20 Knees to elbows

20 Kettlebell swings, 70#/55#

20 Sit-ups

100 squats

Post time to comments.

Talk about keeping the load close to the body during deadlifts! Any guesses on who's legs?

Why are you doing this? You just read Friday's WOD, and you probably said something that included a choice F-bomb. But you'll be there, you'll walk through the door. And you'll jump in with both feet and give it everything you've got because you've found the good shit and it makes you feel complete. From now on any workout that doesn't come with the same feeling of accomplishment as a WOD doesn't feel like a workout at all. You're stronger than you've ever been, you feel better than you ever have, and you're more confident. You know from experience that you can push yourself further than you're comfortable with. And as you know by now, that's where the good stuff happens. You deadlift. And you pull-up. And you burpee. And you run. And it's hard. And that's why you love it. You're a CrossFitter!

Want to feel even better? Come to the nutrition workshop on Sunday at 1 PM. Get your fuel dialed in and it gets even better if you can believe it!

4 thoughts on “Friday 100514”

  1. Who else would have bird legs like that? A certain peer fitness trainer once heckled the poor beanpole and said I needed to do more calf raises or something, can you believe it?

  2. Its kind of funny because i’ve been checking to see if my brother ever makes the website. Those legs look very familiar. Try to capture more pictures of the ellusive “bean”.

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