100510 Monday


Run 1 mile

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Squats

Run 1 mile

If you have a weighted vest, wear it.


Sarah doing box-jump burpees for extra credit.

Congratulations to everyone who ran the races this weekend, it's a great accomplishment. Talking with some of you, we were in agreement that during these long distance events there's a point where it becomes less about physical stamina and more about mental stamina. You can only put in so many miles during the training, and typically you won't reach the race distance during your training runs. So how is it that you get through these things: you make yourself. I was at the finish line well into the 4-hour mark and there was a steady stream of people still coming in. How did they manage to keep moving for 4 or 5 hours? The kept their minds strong and they pushed through being uncomfortable, because you know nobody who runs the 10k, the half, or the full 26.2 miles in comfortable! So when some of us talked in the weeks before the race, we made the connection of how pushing yourself through these WODs when you're uncomfortable and winded and not feeling good is a great way to train your psyche for pushing through and finishing these races.

Share your stories of this weekend. Let us know how you pushed through and crossed it off your list!

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  1. Kelley De Laney

    20 days before this race is when I decided that I was running the full marathon. I had only ran a half, and trained for a half. So I kicked my training into gear, the longest training run I went on was 20 miles. Before I knew it, race day was here. I was super nervous and excited at the same time. I had the joy of running with a good friend of mine and knowing a handful of other people in the race as well. My family and friends gathered at the finish line, to support and cheer me on. We bused to the start and butterflies filled my stomach. Soon we were lining up at the start line. They counted down from 10, and the airhorn sounded…. We were off, on a journey that neither me or my friend have ever done before. We were feeling great, mile 1 we ran in 9:30, that was the pace we wanted to keep throughout the whole race. We kept encouraging each other and pushing each other through times of no energy and mental challenges. Every other aid station we either took “gu”, “shot blocks” or “Heed”. Every 5 miles it seemed that a new rush of energy would come and we felt refreshed and ready to push through another 5 miles. We kept our 9:30 pace asw we checked our split times periodicly. At 7:59 we turned the curve and saw the 13 mile marker, and the HALFWAY POINT! We both cheered and said “lets kick this last half in the ass”. By mile 17 at Teds Place, I was fighting the pain of a tight thigh and a super sore knee. I was in so much pain, I wanted to quit, I wanted to give up, and I wanted to get picked up and driven to the finish line. Quiting is NOT an option for me and never has been. I will fight though anything, no matter how painful or hard. (thank you crossfit). I ran the rest of the race in extreme pain and agony. At mile 19 Tim Murphy came up behind me and started running right next to me. He asked me how I was doing, I answered in near tears, “I am hurting and want to give up”. He saw the pain in my eyes, he answered, “Quiting is not an option, and pain is temporary. Just keep pushing through and before you know it you will be at the finish line and the pain will be gone.” I thanked him for his advice and off he went in front of us. At the top of the hardest hill on CR 54G I knew that it was all downhill from there! I kept puching though and fighting a tough fight. The hardest miles were yet to come. The last 4 miles nearly killed me. Or I thought it would. JOJO (my running partner) kept encouraging me and pushing me through the pain. We passed mile marker 25 and knew that it was just over a mile, we kicked it in to an even higher gear and finshed strong. As we turned the corner to the finish line we saw friends and family and heard them cheering us on. As I ran through the finish line I was so happy to have made it, and my friends and family were there to support, cheer and see me!!!!!! I felt so loved! I finished in 4:10:28. The first thing that I said to my family was that I was NOT going to run another one of those for a while. 🙂 After the race we took pictures, hung out with friends, and then went to lunch for Mothers Day. As the day went on my knees and hips started getting so sore and hard to walk. I took it easy for the rest of the day and looked forward to going to bed! All in all it was an experience of a lifetime and will be remembered forever. I plan on training through crossfit and more running and perhaps running another one with more then 20 days of training!!!!!!!!
    At mile 18 you ask yourself what the hell you are doing, and at mile 26.2 it all becomes clear. 🙂 That is so true!!!!
    Thanks to all who supported me! Much love to all of you! Great job to those who ran!!!
    ~Kelley De Laney

  2. Congrats Kelley and everyone else who ran the race! I have only done a few half marathons..and that seems like a good distance for me since I am really not built like a runner…not too keen on the idea of 26 miles yet…I read an article about when Oprah ran her marathon, she said something along the lines of “I don’t care who you are, or who you worship, but around mile 20, you will find God…”…I figure if Oprah can run one, I can too…maybe someday!

  3. Great Job everyone on whatever distance you did yesterday. I did the half and Gene was kind enough to stay with me and push me thru! We finished in 2 hours 28 minutes, better than what I thought I would do. My goal was to just run the whole thing not caring at all what my time was, but to just finish. Now I wonder if I could have done better, what if I had trained more? It is so mental when you are in the moment. It hit me around mile 9-10 that I might not be able to do it. Your mind just has to block out all the pain and find its “happy place,” thank goodness pain is temporary! When I saw the finish line I was just so glad to be done that I (somehow) dug deep and started to pick up the pace and finish it out. It helped knowing that I’d be able to eat (I was starving at mile 1) and that we’d finally be finished with this crazy race that has stressed me out for more than 4 months:) Thank you to the coaches and fellow Evolve members for pushing me through workouts and the well wishes before the race. I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it without that help.
    It’s something I never though I would or could do and I DID IT!!!

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