Wednesday 100428

For Time:

1 burpee, 10 pull-ups

2 burpees, 9 pull-ups

3 burpees, 8 pull-ups

4 burpees, 7 pull-ups

5 burpees, 6 pull-ups

6 burpees, 5 pull-ups

7 burpees, 4 pull-ups

8 burpees, 3 pull-ups

9 burpees, 2 pull-ups

10 burpees, 1 pull-up


Drew getting way deep on his thrusters!

This weekend at the Douglas County Fairgrounds are the Regional CrossFit Games. There's a link to games site on the right. Our friend Kristine will be competing for the chance to go to the World Games in California. Some of you know Chris from Emerfit as well, he'll be competing too. We wish everyone good luck, especially those representing Fort Collins! If any of you have the opportunity, go down and check out a day or 2. These events are tough to put into words, but you will leave there inspired to come back and train even harder. Which is good because we will definately have an Evolve Affiliate team next year!

If you decide not to go on Saturday, there will be a WOD at 10 am. This will again be coaches' choice and the details depend on how many show up. Everyone had great things to say about last Saturday's pacer WOD, come see what goes down this weekend. Rumor has it we found a stash of tractor tires. I wonder if we'll get them in time for Saturday!?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday 100428”

  1. GO Kristine!!! I will be cheering you on from here but go kick some butt!! You can do it. After yesterdays butt kicking Jonny gave me with the WOD you are definately my inspiration. Thanks.

  2. 10:17, but i mixed them up, started with 10 burpies instead of 10 pull-ups. Almost tasted my lunch twice….embracing the suck. :] hope everyone is having an awesome day!!

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