Wednesday 100421

With a continuously running clock…

Do 1 pull-up the first minute, 2 pull-ups the second minute, 3 pull-ups the third minute…cut-off is 20 minutes.

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Courtney goes overhead during Fran's thrusters!

What is Courage?


I did a CrossFit Verve workout with Steve Sailing on our rest day that was absolutely horrible, which in CrossFit terms meant that it was AWESOME. While I was coaching him through the WOD I began to ponder the concept of courage. Towards the end of the WOD he asked to scale the weight and during the 4th round he wanted to cut some of the reps. It was truly amazing to watch him fight through the workout. After he finished the last round he asked to go back and finish the reps that he cut out. Mentally, that is a huge achievement since it would have been so easy to quit and settle on the fact that he needed to scale the reps, but he didn’t.

It reminded me of a quote from Lance Armstrong that said, “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something will take its place. If I quit, it lasts forever.” I even asked myself while watching him workout why Steve and so many of us suffer through these workouts. When Shar and I belonged to CrossFit Double Diamond we would ponder this while we were dead dog tired driving home and question why we knowingly and purposely went there every day to get our asses handed to us.


I think the answer is courage! Every CrossFit WOD not only brings out our best, but it exposes our worst as well and that can be hard to swallow. As a matter of fact, it can be down right frightening. It shows us where we stand both mentally and physically. It takes a ton of courage to be willing to “go there” and stare your weakness in the face. Relationships are no different and people who are good at building strong relationships have the courage to look at themselves, understanding their faults, and change to better themselves and that relationship whether it be personal or professional.


I saw courage the day I worked out with Steve and I see courage in everyone who walks in our doors for a WOD. It is scary but we do it because we have the courage to find our limits, to work in a state weakness and pain so that we may truly find out who we really are and what we are truly capable of.

Courage is being scared to death……and saddling up anyway.” John Wayne


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 100421”

  1. I know it! w/out the audio!!! I love that lion:) – good one Ryan- you’re so clever:).
    As far as why we do this- it’s because we’re all crazy!!! Really when you see yourself do something you never thought you could or would, there is something that stirs inside and you want to keep seeing what you can do, now that you know what is possible.
    Thank you Gene and Jon for showing us all what we are made of and giving us all the courage to keep “saddling up”.

  2. Awesome post,,, I’ll remember to share this with those who wonder why we accept the pain that Crossfit brings!

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