Wednesday 100407


Kettlebell Swings, 55#/30#

Box Jumps, 24"/20"


6 A.M.ers getting to know the deadlift!

We've touched on this subject before, but it's worth repeating occasionally. When folks are introduced to CrossFit programming, they often ask why there isn't any "cardio". Without the familiar bout of 20 to 60 minutes on a stationary bike/elliptical/treadmill, people feel they aren't increasing cardiovascular endurance. When looking at WODs, you'll see a 5k run come up or even a 5k row on occasion, but for many they feel these workouts are too few and far between. Check out this quote from Coach Glassman on the subject, think back to some of your recent workouts, and ask yourself if you feel like you trained your cardiovascular system:

"The notion that holding a heart rate of 180 bpm for twenty minutes on a bike is good cardio whereas holding 180 bpm for twentyminutes in a circuit of weightlifting is of lesser cardiovascular value is widespread yet ludicrous."



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