Tuesday 100413



Thrusters, 95#/65#


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Thanks to Ryan G. for passing on this video. We talk about food as fuel for our body. Take a look at this clip and consider how this type of "fuel" works in the body. Keep in mind that these results would be likely for anything in our pantry that has any sort of shelf life. Real food spoils, it doesn't keep for 4 years.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday 100413”

  1. This video blew my mind, I do a pretty good job of avoiding fast food…I am guilty of Chick-fila every now and again…but will surely pass on the mcnasty…especially after watching this.

  2. We have always tried to avoid fast food with our kids and now I really know why! I am guilty of Chick-fila once in a while too. I have definately become more aware recently of how much processed foods are out there and what our kids are eating. It is really hard not to feed your kids processed foods so we can only say we try our best. Thanks for sharing the vidoe Ryan.

  3. I had no idea McDonalds has that kind of shelf life, there is definitely something wrong with that. Good reminder to stay away from fast food, and to not give in when my kid wants it.

  4. Great job to everyone on their Fran times, it was an awesome day doing an awesome WOD. Lots of PR’s were set and I have a feeling one more will be set Wed! Right Jon. It was great to have so many visitors at the gym today. Thanks to DJ, Michael, G, Mike, and TJ for stopping in, we love visitors.

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