Thursday 100429

For time:

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10

Wall balls, 20#/14#

Double unders

Kyle Maynard doing muscle-ups!

Do you take anything for granted in your life? I know I have, and you would think that I would learn, but just ask my wife the next time you see her in the gym and she will confirm that I am a slow learner. It is sad to say, but often we take for grated the best things in our life. We get so accustomed to something in our life or our ability to do something that it is not until we loose it we realize just how important it is, or was! When I had a back injury I realized just how important my core and posterior chain was. Or when I cut my fingers off on a table saw and had to live life for a while with one hand. Or the days that I leave the house without telling my wife and son how much I truly love them. Before I was a firefighter I would wake up dreading the fact that I had to go to work instead of being grateful that I had a job and could physically and mentally go out everyday and provide for my family. Yeah, I have taken plenty of things for granted in my life.
Now you're saying, "Alright Gene, what does this have to do with CrossFit." Well, I am hear to tell you it has everything to do with it. Those days that you may not feel like doing a WOD or doing that exercise that you are the weakest at or flat out hate. When this happens think about the individual who is handicapped who would give their life to sprint a 400 or do a burpee. Appreciate your body and what it is capable of. When we do a WOD we truly feel our bodies and we know what it means to be ALIVE!
Kyle Maynard is a CrossFiter and also is a former college award-winning wrestler and amateur mixed martial artist born with congenital amputation of the forearms and lower legs. Kyle now travels around the country as a motivational speaker to share his story of inspiration. When we think about how hard it is for us to perform CrossFit movements or what we think are daily struggles, take a moment and put yourself in Kyle's shoes. Appreciate your body, it is a temple. Care for it, use it, and find its true potential!

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