Friday 100423

OK Everybody, we're going to change the WOD due to lots of standing water, cold temps, and the possibility of athletes beating up the coaches! So don't worry, you'll see the med ball-run WOD again soon!


1 – 10 – 1 – 20 – 1 -30

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Cross fit 002

CrossFit WODs are functional by design and will train you for things you experience outside of the gym, whether at work or at play. Training to be better at life!

Didyou see tomorrow's WOD? You may think to yourself, WTF? Why would we run w/ a medicine ball? Have we been running a lot of 400s lately? Will we run in the rain? These are all valid questions. We have been running a lot lately. Running is good, it's getting nice outside, and we only have one rower! But what's with the medicine balls? CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, right? So why not vary the run upa little. Running with a medicine ball is harder than running without one. It will slow you down. It will make you work harder. It is a different stimuli than running a 400 with no weight. It will make you stronger. And fitter. And it will challenge you. It's something new and new is good. So have fun with it, I think you'll like it. And to answer will we run in the rain? You bet we will!

6 thoughts on “Friday 100423”

  1. Those words exactly popped into my head when I saw this workout. You’re killing me Jon, but I WILL “embrace the suck” and I WILL let you and Gene continue to challenge me. I guess I’ll need to find that COURAGE Gene was talking about!! Saddle up!

  2. I’m pretty sure I would be there more often if i quit looking at the workouts and just signed up for class (haha) But, I’m determined to get these stupid 400’s down! See you in the AM!

  3. You never know what might happen Courtney! There is just too much rain to even have a little fun with the WOD. If it was warm out, maybe. So fun with deadlifts instead!

  4. The 6am’ers finished their final foundations WOD all improving greatly. Look at the swall dry erase board for their times. I gave them the choice to run in the rain or we would do the final WOD later. They “saddled up” and ran in the rain. Now that is courage, and that is why I love them. Great job and welcome to the WOD group.

  5. Wish I coulda made it! I’ve had an ear infection for a week now and got no sleep because of it. I’ll be in next week for sure. Lookin forward to those 400’s. [haha]

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