Brian and Fran from Harbor City CrossFit ( in Florida stopped by for a WOD. 

Today Brian and Fran from Harbor City CrossFit stopped by for a WOD while they were in town visiting family. It was great to meet these two, and while we were talking, I thought it was cool that even though they were from Florida, they could find a place in Fort Collins that felt familiar. They were telling me about their box, the coaches, and the community that's developed around it. How they've become friends with other athletes there, how they'll go out after a WOD each week and all get together not only as CrossFitters but as friends. What they described is exactly what we're trying to foster at Evolve, and what every other affiliate we've visited has done. It doesn't matter if you're in the Front Range of Colorado, the warm beaches (sounds good to me right now!) of Florida, or anywhere else – the CrossFit community is strong. Thanks for visiting Brian and Fran, hope to see you again before you head back east!

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  1. FRAN, what a great name for an affiliate owner. I am going to change my name to Grace and Jon you will now be known as Linda.

  2. Brian and Fran (Team Smartini)

    John and Katy, thanks for your hospitality. You have done an amazing job getting your box set up, and with your attitude about this adventure, you can’t help but to succeed. To anyone reading this who is new to Crossfit or just considering it, I can say only this – it can change your life in ways that are hard to imagine. Get in here, engage the other members, listen and learn, and you will see what I mean in very short order.

  3. Thanks for the good word guys. We were happy to have you in and hope to see you before you head back east! Your attitude is awesome and is a great example of how solid this community is. Come back anytime!

  4. Well Fran was enough to lure me out of my barelbl cave, especially with front squats before hand. Hit 245# x 3. Fran took me 8:34, Rx. I think it would have been more miserable if I could string my kipping pull-ups. Too much time to breathe. I did thrusters in sets of 12-9, 6-5-4, and 9. Doug was yelling at me not to drop the bar on the last round. Pullups were done in sets of 2&3. Some singles in the last round.

  5. Hi April, I wanted to let you know that I am doing a wkeley link up for moms that have experienced loss. It is on Tuesdays I would love to see you there. Also I am grabbing your button to put in my resources page, and following.

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